A Comprehensive Guide On Selecting The Right Pair Of Medical Scrubs

A Comprehensive Guide On Selecting The Right Pair Of Medical Scrubs

The medical and healthcare profession is challenging every day, irrespective of the sub-domain. Many nurses, doctors and surgeons must be available on call, immediately rushing to the hospital after their pager goes off. There is no time to sit down peacefully and select an outfit appropriate for the job, like a regular nine-to-five. The medical board has decided to introduce scrubs as a uniform for each hospital, helping medical professionals save time. This uniform allows them to quickly change at the hospital without hesitation and get on duty to perform their noble service of saving lives.

Multiple brands manufacture mundane medical uniforms that come in a pale-blue colour. Today, brands create exciting, fun, yet professional-looking attire for doctors and nurses. After all, they also deserve to feel confident even in a simple uniform. Despite the plethora of options in the market, it is essential to select them after careful consideration. The following section will explain the various criteria while choosing a surgeon or nurse medical uniform online.

Tips to remember while shopping for the ideal hospital-friendly uniforms

  • Fit and form of the top and bottoms: Scrubs are a two-piece uniform made to simplify the work of medical professionals. They do not have a split second to waste, requiring uniforms that can slide on and off easily. They are available in various measurements, allowing individuals to pick the perfect size. The women’s tops are narrower with a slight cut on the side, while the men’s tops are broader in fit. The pants come in varying waist sizes and are generally unisex, making it convenient for medical professionals to find a comforting fit.
  • Fabric, colour and print: The medical uniform comes in exciting colours and patterns, depending on the hospital regulations. Few departments like the paediatrics allow their nurse staff to wear printed medical tops to make the children feel comfortable and safe. There are cute prints like space-themed or sea-themed that can interest the little ones and help them converse with the nurse, allowing them to explain their ailment and pains better. The surgical and general ward doctors and nurses can have non-printed colour-themed scrubs like dark or baby pink, deep-blue, olive, etc. Hospitals delegate colours to respective departments to identify each team. These uniforms are available in fabrics like cotton, polyester and rayon. The user can pick what is comfortable to wear without irritating their skin.
  • Cost and requirement: High-quality medical uniforms cost between $30 to $100, depending on the brand, fabric sourcing and craftsmanship. Sometimes the medical professional will require only a replacement of the top or bottom. Therefore, manufacturers have created individual pieces to cater to consumer needs. The professionals need not purchase the entire set each time. The pants and tops cost around $36 to $50, whereas the complete set costs $80 to $100. The cost of caps can range from $19 to $30. 

Pocket availability: Doctors and nurses must carry many items on their rounds as assigned. They have to juggle a writing pad with the patient information, stethoscope, pens, thermometer, IV (Intravenous Therapy) set and more. Scrubs having multiple pockets will allow them to place these items in the designated space and walk around with their hands-free to attend to the patient. The more pockets, the better it is. Some uniforms have only two pockets on each side, while others have two pockets on either side of the pants and three on the uniform top.

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