Privacy Policy

  1. Welcome to our website The Noicy, we hereby claim that we are providing transparency on our customer’s privacy.
  1. We totally ensure not to harm our customer’s privacy. 
  1. We have all rights reserved to change our Privacy Policy anytime. 
  1. If you reach out to our website it means that you agree with all our Privacy Policies that are mentioned below.

Here are some of the rules that come under our Privacy Policy.

The Data We Collect of Yours

  • Whenever you reach out to our website, some of your information will automatically be saved in our record. Such as:
  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email Address
  3. Your Phone Number
  4. Your Gender
  5. Your Location


  • Your interaction time with our website, how many times you visited our website or reached out to any specific page get recorded.
  • Your IP Address or browser type will be also automatically recorded.

About Our Cookie Policy

Your information may also be recorded. In general, cookie policies contain your login details, your language preference, your search history, and the time duration that you spent on our website. But it is totally up to you to click on the option of “accept cookie policy” or “reject cookie policy”.

Why and How We Use Your Data

  • We only use our customer’s data if they have any queries related to our services. To clear their queries we use their email id or phone numbers.
  • To clarify with you about our services of guest posting.
  • If any of our customers want to contact us to get more information about us, only then we reach out to them via their data.  

You Have the Rights of

  • To claim a copy of your data.
  • To update your personal information.
  • If still you are in a dilemma then you can email us at

Your Data Privacy

  • As earlier mentioned, we ensure our customers that their data will not be used for any suspected activity.
  • We ensure our customers that we protect our customer’s data.
  • If you somehow click on the promotional advertisements that will be shown on our website, your data will be automatically saved in the record of a third party. For that, we are not responsible, and if they misuse your data then it is not our responsibility.

Contact The Noicy

If you have any type of query or need any type of clarification then feel free to contact us via our email id