What do you understand about Personal Health Issues?

What do you understand about Personal Health Issues?

There are many health issues that are a part of life at different points in time. Now there are different types of health issues seen, some are personal health issues. These are the general issues that a person is not able to disclose directly to others. This is the type of information that is personal as well as also needs secure versions. The information that is included in personal health information is based on:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Dates, birth date, admission date, etc.
  4. Phone number
  5. Fax number
  6. Email address
  7. Social Security number
  8. Medical record number
  9. Health plan beneficiary number
  10. Account number
  11. Certificate or license number
  12. Vehicle identifiers, such as serial numbers, license plate numbers;
  13. Device identifiers and serial numbers
  14. Web URL
  15. Internet Protocol (IP) address
  16. Biometric IDs, such as a fingerprint or voice print;
  17. Full-face photographs and other photos of identifying characteristics
  18. Any other unique identifying characteristic.

It depends on an individual’s choice as well as also depends on the type of information which can be shared or not. This information which is considered private to the person means cannot be shared with different individuals publically is considered as an offense if any other person makes it available publically without the permission of the person who is owning the information.

So on the whole, it is clear that the person should make sure that whatever the information one is sharing regarding other people should not act as a confidential clause because when the problems arise due to these things can get worse because this will directly hurt the privacy of that individual. Sharing that information with proper permission is not considered an offense so while sharing these kinds of information that are private to other individuals one should take up a written consent so that if in case any problem arises then the person can sort out the things easily. 

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What is the difference between PII, PHI, and IIHI?

These three are the most important terms which are to be taken care of to know about the different aspects related to personal and health information. It’s important to differentiate between personally identifiable information (PII) and PHI and the third type is individually identifiable health information (IIHI).

  • PII is referred to as the data that can be used by someone to identify the person. It is generally nonsensitive data that can be easily transmitted to other people and can be used publically to identify any individual. It can also be sensitive data that should not be disclosed to other people because that may be offensive or even against the laws. PII also contains more than just health information as it contains tax information, credit information, etc. 
  • PHI is termed as Personal health information that is generally the information related to health context. 
  • IIHI- It is termed s the health conditions that are used to identify the person that is the information which is not all personal but can be disclosed to other people. 


On the whole, It is important to understand the importance of various health-related things, as there is a variety of information that is being utilized but there is some information that is confidential i.e. it cannot be shared publically.

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