How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

# Interested in knowing how to start Affiliate Marketing? Well, firstly it can be overwhelmed when you start it out. But when learning all about affiliate marketing you will get to know it is fairly easy. It is the best alternative for making money via advertising on the Internet.

Affiliate Marketing is defined as a term for promoting the other company’s products. Or when someone buys it through your affiliate link and you get a commission for it is “Affiliate Marketing”.

Being an affiliate marketer you work as a salesperson for a company whose job is to make sales. Moreover, you can also promote the products from many different companies and earn a commission from them.

It allows earning a commission by selling the products or services. In short, it is a great way to supplement your income from convincing of your own home.

The affiliate marketing industry involves four major players and i.e Brand, Network, Affiliate, and customer. Not all these players involve themselves at the same time. Most of the brands have an affiliate program and manage the relationship with affiliates directly. On the other hand, the networks have offers for the affiliates and also take care of their payments.

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1: Sell what you know:

To begin with affiliate marketing there is a need to stick to selling products or services. Usually, online marketers call this process “Picking your niche”. There is a need to select a niche that shows your current tasks and interests.

2: Decide a platform:

Generally, you can perform “Affiliate Marketing” on any platform. Even Instagram will also work better. It is much easier to build an audience and increase your affiliate sales via two channels:

  • Blog
  • YouTube channel.

Starting from the blog it is relatively easy and cheap and once your site gets well-optimized then you will have a better chance of ranking. Also, you are free to add affiliate links to your content.

Another platform is YouTube. While creating and updating the content on the YouTube platform is free of cost. Try well to optimize your video for SEO and mention the affiliate links in the description part.

3: Introduce a website that is relevant to your niche:

Being an affiliate marketer many companies are interested in knowing the URL of the websites that you use to sell the products. The reason behind doing it- they want to ensure that the content present on the website won’t spoil the company’s reputation.

  • During these days it is easy to start a website like WordPress.
  • Be sure to add content to your website which comes across as an authority in your niche.

4: Drive more traffic to affiliate site:

The time when you have created great content then the next step is to get the readers who read the content. Due to this, they will click on your given affiliate links.

Take a look at the three following strategies:

Paid Traffic:

This is where people pay traffic to your site. The best way to do this is by using Pay-Per-Click ads. The main advantage of paid traffic is the moment when you start paying for getting traffic. However, there can be some downsides like running ads digs into your profits.

Also, it is quite normal to lose money before the marketers make it. You need to be more realistic about how long it takes to optimize a paid traffic campaign. Secondly, once you stop paying ads, your traffic will also get a stop. The ads provide a great way to enhance traffic strategy.

Search Engine Optimization:

The term search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing the pages to rank high in search engine results page like Google. For as long as you rank high in search engines you will enhance your passive traffic rate. The SEO is all about:

  • Understanding what your target customers are searching for.
  • Creating the Unique content around the topics like(Blog Posts, Product pages, etc)

Build E-mail lists:

The E-mail lists allow you to communicate with the readers anytime and anywhere. So keep using them to tell your audience about your new upcoming content. Let them come back again and again to your website. Thus, it leads to more affiliates clicks and sales.

5: Join Affiliate Programs:

It’s almost free of charge to join the affiliate programs. In fact, if you are being asked for a credit number just to become an affiliate then you might be getting scammed. Most reputable companies offer affiliate programs free of charge. Always try to choose wisely your affiliate programs and also it’s a good place to start if you are looking for an affiliate marketer.

6: Generate clicks on your affiliate links:

Just because you got an amazing piece of content doesn’t signify that the user will click on your affiliate links.  There are a few things that you need to consider:

1: Link Placement:

If your affiliate links are either at the bottom of the page where people usually scroll, then clicks will be few or remain in between the far. On the other end, there is a need to make every other word a link in your introduction and the content doesn’t look spammy. Therefore, you need to make a balance link placement with the two other factors more.


Let’s define it with the following example

Suppose you are writing an article on- The best kitchen Cutlery set under $30

Your Introduction shouldn’t go like this:

Today I review the cutlery sets

The above introduction of the context links looks spammy.

While this one makes more sense:

Today, I reviewed three different Cutlery sets made up of great steel quality. You can buy it from Amazon for the price of $ 60. These are Product A, Product B, and Product C.


While using callouts like buttons, tables, and boxes can help in attracting the attention of your readers and decrease the chance of posts more skip-able.

7: Include visual ads in your sidebar:

Unlike most of websites, your websites probably contain a sidebar. And it is a great place to include the visual aids for your products that is relevant to your niche.

You will find most of the companies doing affiliate programs. Thus, it makes it easier for you to obtain the images and links that help in getting your visitors back. In other words, you can say it is just as easy as doing copy-pasting into your sidebar.

8: Convert clicks into sales:

In Affiliate Marketing two conversions usually take place for making money. The first conversion is to click on the product page. The user is 100% in control of taking this action. You can make use of these tactics to enhance the chance of getting the clicks.

The second conversion is the visitor purchasing product. In Affiliate Marketing, all the merchants control the checkout and their conversion rates are usually out of your control. Your main objective is to play the game to your advantage and look for the merchants with programs as well.

9: Create top-notch content:

Both creating and publishing content is the final step of your affiliate journey. Besides, it is also a great way to give a start to your affiliate marketing efforts. Usually, it does not matter if you are doing blogging or publishing ads. When you hit this phase you are in the learning period of how to become an affiliate marketer.

The well-known phrase “Content is a king” is thrown around a lot in the marketing field. In many ways, the Internet has become a collection of good content. So, if you won’t contribute then the people have no reason to come over you.

10: Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

Once your affiliate marketing is ready to take off then it’s time to move up for paid advertising. However, it can be a bit of a learning curve, so your affiliate marketing business can sell much while running PPC in the background. You can make use of PPC to:

  • Growing your E-mail list.
  • Enhance your sales.
  • Get more and more people to sign up for webinars.

It is true that when more people are signing up in your e-mail list you will be more able to market them again. This also will increase your sales as they have shown interest in your content and are more likely to trust your recommendations.

# Few channels you might consider for Affiliate Promotions:

  • Your affiliate websites.
  • Search Engine ads
  • Promoting Keywords and terms.
  • Showcasing banner ads on third-party websites or blogs.
  • Promoted as well as sponsored content on third-party blogs and websites.
  • Forum posting and interactions.
  • Mobile ads within your app, games, and browsers.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, you can start doing your affiliate marketing by the two main paths. First as a Merchant and second as an affiliate and however becoming an affiliate is a somewhat easier path in comparison to merchants. Both two routes are equally worthwhile and it eventually depends on your preference as well as your current knowledge. No matter what your approach is. The steps in the given article helpful in making your journey as an affiliate marketer. It also makes it much easier for understanding Affiliate Marketing in the long run. Moreover, if you want to know what is Social Media Impact on Business, then you will get full information from here