12 Must-Try Dishes from All Over The World

12 Must-Try Dishes from All Over The World

Want to explore the flavours and varieties of different food cultures of different countries? Then try these must-try dishes that are mentioned below. You will fall in love with the flavours of these different cuisines. You can take references from the Write for Us Food blog posts.

Biryani, India

Particularly well-liked across the Indian subcontinent and among the local diaspora is this meal. The dinner gatherings are definitely elevated when this flavorful and creamy rice dish is served.

Pizza, Italy

This classic Italian dish is made using a circular, wheat-based dough that is cooked at a high temperature, generally in a wood-fired oven, and topped with cheese, tomatoes, and other often-used ingredients.

Poutine, Canada

This Canadian recipe is something you should try if you’re a lover of French fries like everyone else in the home. The Poutine consists of cheese curds and french fries covered in a classic brown chicken gravy.

Massaman Curry, Thailand 

Thai Massaman curry, which is made with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cumin, bay leaves, nutmeg, and mace, is a mild yet reasonably rich curry. Curry leaves are not used in the cooking process of Massaman curry; instead, aromatics and spices like cumin, lemongrass, and galangal aid in producing a delicious basis for the dish.

Sushi (Japan)

Made with a variety of ingredients, such as fish, vegetables, and occasionally fruits, and vinegared rice. The perfect combination of wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce is served with sushi. 

Sushi with octopus flavouring often has a strong flavour, whereas salmon, eel, and tuna tend to have lighter flavours.

Kebab, Turkey

Kebabs are a popular Middle Eastern meal that originated in Turkey. It’s cooked with a variety of side dishes, such as vegetable oil, garlic, and black pepper. The most traditional meats used in kebabs are lamb or mutton. This meal is among the best in the world because it has the ideal balance of flavours, from tangy to spicy.

Paella, Spain

Valencia, Spain, is where paella first appeared. Paella can be prepared in a variety of ways. Artichokes are another highly popular but cyclical component. One of the best recipes in the world, cooked in a skillet with olive oil, this dish is flavorful and packed with nutrients.

Peking duck, China

One cuisine that makes its way to Beijing is Peking duck. Cucumbers, spring onions, and sweet bean sauce are served with the entrée. The dish is served in three portions after being sliced in front of the guests. 

With sugar and garlic sauce first, followed by pancakes. After tasting the dish, you will only want your duck prepared this way because it tastes so good.

Kimchi, Korea

A common side dish in Korea, kimchi is made with fermented veggies including cabbage and Korean radishes and seasoned with garlic, chilli powder, ginger, and scallions. 

Kimchi’s fermentation gives it a distinct sour taste. There are also noticeable additional flavour characteristics, including umami and peppery.