Amazing Features of Android

Amazing Features of Android


Want to know everything there is to know about the top new Android 14 features? You’re at the perfect place whether you’re a devoted Android user or an Apple user who just wants to see what’s happening on the other side of the fence. This Android 14 guide goes through all of the best, most interesting features in Google’s newest iteration of the operating system, letting you know what to expect from your next phone or what to look forward to when you eventually upgrade your operating system. 

Latest features of Android 

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Some of the features include- 

1. Language options for every app

For Android users who speak multiple languages, Android 13’s removal of device-wide language options is the best feature. For individuals who use apps with illegible translations or prefer to use specific apps in a different language from the rest of their phone, this is a significant benefit. Go to the App Info screen and tap the Language button to change the language of an app. To enable this option, developers must supply language files, so don’t be surprised if your favourite programme doesn’t display the option.

2. Flashes of Notification 

Using Android, you may enable screen and camera flashes for receiving notifications. This has long been a feature of iPhones and other Android handsets (such as Samsung models), but it hasn’t yet been integrated into the operating system. You can activate either one, both, or neither, and select the hue of the flashing light on your display. It is primarily made to assist those who have hearing loss, but it can be useful for anyone who doesn’t want their phone to buzz or make a noise every time a notification comes in. 

3. Various Materials 

Material You is a special method of customising your user interface (UI) depending on your wallpaper, which affects the colour scheme of Android. Simply put, Android matches your wallpaper’s colour palette. With Android new preset colour options, you have more expressive possibilities to choose from. The icons for third-party apps are now included in this functionality, which was previously only available for system apps. This feature allows apps to adopt a tint in accordance with your backdrop and colour preferences if developers choose to use it. 

4. Update on Google Wallet 

Beyond simple payment options for services, Google Wallet has evolved. You can save anything not covered by prior pass types, like membership cards and reservations, in Wallet using the new generic card tab. Android 13 makes this feature a fantastic digital substitute for real cards, complementing Google Wallet’s already extensive filing system for payment cards, gift cards, transit tickets, and immunisation cards. The addition of digital IDs is yet another significant advancement. To support digital IDs for Google Wallet, Google has been collaborating with US states and other governments. This feature is anticipated to launch later this year. 

The Bottom Line 

Compared to the enormous Android 12 release from the year before, Android 13 is more subtle. The changes are meant to enhance Material You and all of the new and improved features of the best mobile operating system on the market. More than 50 new user-facing upgrades and additions have been added this year.

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