Artificial Intelligence And Everything About It

Artificial Intelligence And Everything About It

It’s an emerging technology of today’s time which is increasing with every day. It’s a modern time technology which gives commands to the machinery and makes them work like humans.

We have all seen that when we play a game we have options like no players or play against the computer. Playing against the computer is one example of artificial intelligence where a computer is playing against you similar to the player as per the requirement in the game.

This technology has been designed in a manner that a computer is being trained for doing specific tasks by the processing of data and recognizing patterns in data.

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History of Artificial Intelligence:- 

The word artificial intelligence came into existence in 1956. Although the trend of Artificial intelligence came into trend in the past few years when it has become easy to access the processing of data and recognizing the patterns of data with the help of computer algorithms and improvements in computer storage and programming.

Let us study evolution of Artificial intelligence over the years since the time of its existence:

  • Year 1950-1970: During the span period of these years networks were neutral in approach but with the work with neutral networks engineers and scientists made out machines which can think. Therefore, with this time thinking machines were innovated and started coming into existence and use.
  • Year 1980-2010: During the span of the span period of this time our scientists and engineers made the approach for machines where machine learning is possible. Now, in this time period our machines have a possibility to think and learn which therefore take the artificial intelligence into a different level.
  • Year after 2010 to present time: By this time it has been possible for an artificial intelligence to have a deep learning process therefore, this made machines think deeper like humans and make decisions accordingly by the command made by a human.

Therefore, the above gives us a clear picture about how drastically and fast the technology has changed over the years and how it made Artificial intelligence an important part of today’s world.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in different working sectors of our economy:-

Artificial Intelligence is a prominent part of various working sectors of our economy which are as follows:-

  • Healthcare: It helps in providing personalized x ray machines and medicines.
  • Retail: It provides layout for virtual shopping.
  • Manufacturing: It helps in providing command to machines for faster and massive production.
  • Banking: It provides facilities like ATM machines and other things in banks for faster processes.
  • Public sector: It helps in developing the overall city smarter by bringing a lot of softwares and machines which gives Artificial intelligence.

Therefore, It is a good update for society.