Best Fitness Brands

Best Fitness Brands

Take good care of yourself. It’s the only location you have to live in,” is a proverb that many of us have probably heard in the course of our daily lives. The fitness and wellness fad has matured and has become a significant factor in people’s lives, whether they are seeking to get in shape, lose weight, or simply get off the couch. The prevalence of numerous lifestyle diseases has increased, as have the instances related to unhealthful eating and lifestyle choices. A significant portion of people have been encouraged by lifestyle changes to focus on fitness and overall wellness as a way to relieve stress from demanding work environments, counteract bad eating patterns, and break the cycle of sedentary behaviour. Share your views at the Fitness Write For Us category. 

Tops Brands

They are- 

  • Loop 

Health insurance providers don’t engage in all kinds of activities. Loop, however, disproves this. The start-up, which was established in 2018 by Mayank Kale, Ryan Singh, and Amrit Singh, has successfully navigated the pandemic by providing holistic health solutions to numerous businesses in India. Loop offers additional desired health advantages in addition to group health insurance. To begin with, you can contact their team of in-house doctors and health consultants via the Loop app for no charge. In addition to doctors, they offer a variety of corporate wellness programmes that emphasise not only physical wellbeing but also a person’s total holistic wellbeing. They provide classes in money management, self-care, procrastination management, yoga, mind workshops, mental health consultations, and more. 

  • Bonusly 

Bonusly is gradually increasing its presence in India even though it is not an Indian brand. Employee engagement through a variety of peer recognition and award processes is its main area of concentration. The platform offers redeemable incentives that are great for encouraging healthy workplace behaviours among staff members. Corporates can use its programmes to reward staff for achieving wellness goals on a weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis, among other things.

  • Mettasphere 

One of the best corporate wellness programmes in India is provided by Mettasphere. Through callisthenics, yoga, meditation, and other practices, it provides 360-degree solutions that address physical fitness, mental health, and nutrition. Employers can inspire staff to adopt a healthy lifestyle and engaging exercise pursuits by providing Metasphere offerings. It is headquartered in Bangalore and was created by Dheeraj Subramanian and Poojya Basavaraj. 

  • Betterlyf 

A specialised health and wellness portal called Betterlyf focuses on workplace stress, depression, and anxiety as well as other mental health conditions. It enables businesses to increase productivity and efficiency by providing staff with specialised health solutions. Employee support programmes, wellness coaching, and services for health risk assessment are just a few of its offers.

  • H3U Smart Healthcare 

H3U Smart Healthcare, based in Gurgaon, provides businesses with a platform to access a variety of wellness services. It provides specialised healthcare solutions, tracks employee health information, and links them with healthcare professionals. Dhruv Kaushik founded it in 2013, and since then, it has accomplished incredible things. Group medical cards, doctors on-campus, wellness portals, health coaching, and other novel healthcare solutions are just a few of its offerings. 

  • The Yoga Guru 

Yoga has long been known to have advantages in lowering stress levels and encouraging overall development. The Yoga Guru brings its many benefits. The Modern Yoga School, founded by Mohan Karki and Shailendra Singh, holds that prolonged sitting has led to stress buildup and physical weakness in workers. With specially crafted yogic health counselling and exercise programmes, it empowers individuals to combat this.