CPC Training in Wiltshire

Driver CPC, also referred to as the Certificate of Professional Competence, mandates that you carry your CPC card with you whenever you drive an HGV or LGV on public property. Many will charge you if you are operating a vehicle on the road without the CPC kitties with you.

Thus, carry your CPC card at all times. Never forget to update your CPC card once every five years. You can also check the CPC card’s expiration date, and you can complete the first 35 hours of the course to learn about the card’s updating requirements.

The CPC Theory Test and the CPC Practical Test are the two components of the CPC course. You will read more about these two exams as well as the CPC Theory Test Practice. You can get the proper training with us as we are providing CPC training in Wiltshire.

CPC Mod 2 Theory Training at GS Driver Training

The CPC Module 2 instruction includes the CPC Theory Test. You will have ninety minutes to complete the exam, which consists of six to seven case studies. You have to be good at it. Every question is grounded on real-world occurrences, some of which have something to do with LGV and HGV.

CPC Mod 4 Theory Training at GS Driver Training

This CPC module 4 includes a CPC practical test. It takes a few “show me-tell me” questions to pass this practical exam. Your practical test will be in the afternoon following your morning teaching because the course is only one day long. A score of at least 85 out of 100 is necessary.

You must perform well on this CPC Mod 4 practical test. We will provide you with a vehicle, trailers, and a lorry for the training. You start the practical exam by doing as instructed. This process is completed in about a day. This process, which evaluates your ability to operate a vehicle safely, is sometimes referred to as a safety procedure.

The main objective of CPC Mod 4 is to increase driving awareness of vehicle safety. To begin with, you will be given training on how to drive a car safely. One of the challenges in the test series is accurately operating a loaded vehicle while following all applicable laws and guidelines.

CPC Test Practice

You can use any book or film that is linked to the CPC Theory Test as a reference for the CPC Theory Test Practice. By completing a practice exam with multiple-choice questions about the highway code, traffic signals, laws, and regulations while operating a vehicle on the road, you can evaluate your performance. By investing in select online courses, you can also arm yourself against potentially dangerous circumstances.

In contrast, to pass the CPC case study practice exam, you must do seven case studies on a computer. The case studies are succinct stories based on situations that you will most likely come across in the course of your work. There will be six to eight multiple-choice questions for each case study.

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