General Sites And Law Associated With It

General Sites And Law Associated With It

A system of site or website is a very common term which we all are familiar with. We all know what the sites are and what is useful for what purpose. We all live in an Internet friendly world where for our every need we connect to the internet searching for the solution as most of us believe that the Internet has the solution for everything and for the sake of that various website developers have developed various websites which purpose is for general use.

What are General Sites:-

It is a combination or collection of publicly accessible and interlinked web pages which share the single domain name.

These general sites or websites can be created by anyone either by an individual or by business organization for serving numerous purposes.

We do have five types of General sites which are as follows:-

  • E Commerce websites
  • Personal Websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Small business websites
  • Blog websites

Now, before moving further on our laws associated with websites I would like to request all my readers to please submit a guest post to us just like we did on the topic Write for us General sites Sharing their views and opinion with respect to sites with us.

Laws associated with websites in India:-

In India the laws of websites are being regulated by the National Informatics Center, which is NIC and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

So, In India one just needs a security clearance certificate before hosting a website in its data center.

Now coming to the legal points there are few of the below mentioned legalities every website of need to do a follow up which are as follows:-

  • If it is a user interference website then as per the rules of Information Technology act it is compulsory to have a privacy policy page of your website.
  • One needs to make sure in compliance with the rules and regulations to be assured about meeting the accessibility criteria designed by the and other requirements as per the plagiarism, e-commerce and anti-spam laws.
  • Write about cookie policy on your website where there is mention of cookie consent solution and so on.
  • To check on the Accessibility requirements of the type of website as per the laws.
  • Please be assured that there are few categories of website where you need a content licensing before the posting of data on the website.

So, one need to follow these basic laws in order to start with a website although as per Indian laws for creating a website there is no special permission or compliance of any law has to be done but need to check on with the above mentioned points while start up of website further, it depends on the website to website as per the laws.

Different laws are being made as per the type of website which is regulating it and need to follow the same for that particular website.

I hope with this blog of mine you can have a basic idea about general websites and laws associated with it.