How to Get Class 1 HGV Licence

How to Get Class 1 HGV Licence

Large goods vehicle drivers are also known as heavy goods vehicle drivers. People who clear the CPC tests after HGV C + E Training get this licence. With this driving licence, you can drive any truck or lorry weighing more than 3500 kg and trailer more than 750kg. The role of people as an HGV drivers is to transport goods in bulk from the supplier to clients or customers. 

Logistics and Freightage is a huge industry and is always ready to employ new people from UK. It means that there are numerous opportunities for qualified drivers. There are companies all over the UK that employes HGV drivers. So you dont need to move your location to find a job. 

If you have left your education and worked in a specific industry in continuation, you can try something new. Starting your career as an HGV driver can turn out good. You can be successful. Though you need to clear some tough exams to get your Class 1 HGV licence, if you are focused, you can qualify for them in less than one month. You also have to pay the class 1 licence cost to get the training, book the test and get the licence. 

Here are the steps to get a Class 1 HGV licence and the cost involved. 

The process and cost 

Get your category B licence (car) 

As an LGV driver, there are some requirements you must fulfil before you may drive, but don’t let that stop you. Additionally, you must be older than 18. To get a car licence you must submit an application to the government Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). It will allow you to take driving lessons from a certified driver or teacher having a full driving licence. You pass a computer-based theory test, and a practical test at an authorised testing facility to obtain your car driving licence.

Apply for a provisional licence 

After you get your car licence, the first step to getting your class 1 HGV licence is to apply for a provisional licence. Like the car licence, you will have to get it done through the website of DVLA. You will have to download D2 and D4 from the website. These are medical forms which need to be filled out by a doctor. To become an HGV driver, you need to fit physically and mentally. You will be assessed based on 

  • mental health 
  • eyesight 
  • heart conditions 
  • alcohol consumption 
  • drug use 
  • sleep disorders 
  • diabetes

After completing this form, you send it back to DVLA with a photograph and licence card attached. All this can cost you around £50- £120. As the DVLA receives the form, they will see if you are free to become an HGV driver or not. If yes, then they will forward your application and licence. Ensure that you have filled in all the details. You will receive your provisional licence within three weeks. 

Clear your Driver certificate of professional competence tests (CPC) 

As you get your provisional licence, you can take your CPC tests. It has four parts. 

Part 1 includes two parts. The first is multiple choice questions. You need to score more than 85 marks to qualify. This can cost you up to £26. The next is hazard perception. In this, you will see some videos hand you have to spot hazards. This is also of hundred marks, and you need to score more than 67 to clear. The cost of this is £11. 

  • Part two is about CPC case studies. The fee for it is around £23. 
  • Part three includes the questions on the driving test. The cost is £115. The last part of the test is the practical driving test. It will cost you around £55. 

Once you qualify, you can get your Class 1 HGV licence. Also, now you know about the class 1 HGV licence cost. So be prepared if you are planning to start your career as an HGV driver.

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