Facts About Health Which Can Blow Your Mind

Facts About Health Which Can Blow Your Mind

You must have heard the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin 

“Health is the greatest gift, the greatest wealth, and the best relation”. 

We are here to cover a wide range of health-related topics.

Read these topics and educate yourself with some mind-blowing facts related to health.

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Below We have Added the Facts which will Blow your mind

Smelling an apple prevents claustrophobia 

An apple a day can do more than just keep a doctor away, it helps you to cure headaches and migraines. It can also help you with claustrophobia that is According to the treatment and research foundation, smelling a green apple will relieve the stress associated with confined spaces. 

Bath from beer

You must not know that in some parts of the world like Malaysia mothers use to bathe their babies with beer to prevent them from disease. It is said that along with yeast and other natural ingredients it has high doses of vitamins B and other active enzymes that can do wonders for your skin and prevent many diseases.

A good circle increases your lifeline 

Have you heard this quotation “Good friends are like stars? you don’t see them, but you recognize they’re always there. It is true that good company of friends can make you live longer and can increase your longevity and health. When you need immediate help they are always there to help you out.

Lack of water can affect your brain performance 

Yes, you are reading it right, lack of water or dehydration can directly affect your brain performance. Since the human brain is 90 per cent water, lack of water can have a negative effect on a person’s thinking abilities and decision-making skills. Lack of water in the body manifests itself through forgetfulness, amnesia, and difficulty in thinking and communicating. This is the most unhealthy fact but true that lack of water can affect your memory mood and brain performance. 

Cold temperature is good for the skin

Cold temperature can be good for your skin’s health as it constrains blood vessels in the skin, which makes the blood vessels less likely to have redness and swelling.

When you are doing various activities outside in the cold weather it is actually good for the heart.

Your eyes can see ten million colour surface 

Our eyes can distinguish up to ten million colour surfaces and take in more information than the largest telescope known to man. The eye weighs approximately just under an ounce and is about an inch across. Your eye is composed of more than 2 million working parts and cannot be transplanted. More than 1 million nerve fibres connect each eye to the brain and currently, we’re unable to reconstruct those connections.

Lungs float on the water !!

Do you know that the Lungs are an important part of the human respiratory system and the only organ in the human body that can float on water? Each of your lungs contains a heap of small ball-like particles that we call alveoli, which replace the carbon-dioxide waste materials in your blood with oxygen. When these structures are full of air, the lungs become the only organs within the human body which can float.

Heart relates to health!!

The heart beats about 2.5 billion times over the typical lifetime, pushing many gallons of blood to each part of the body. The steady flow carries with it oxygen, fuel, hormones, other compounds and a host of essential cells. It also whisks away the waste of metabolism.

That is why there is a saying too, “A healthy heart makes a person healthy“.

So, keep yourself healthy and be healthy. Read all the facts and make yourself more knowledgeable. 

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