Learn About the HGV Driving training and Courses

HGV Driving training and Courses

The purpose of HGV Driver Training is to teach you the value of paying close attention when driving a vehicle on the road. After receiving the required information from HGV driver training, you can drive any LGV vehicle with ease, or you can assert that you will be legally permitted to drive any LGV vehicle. To participate in this HGV training course, all you need to do is submit your legal documentation for validation.

HGV Courses

HGV driving courses are as follows:

C+E Fast Track

Applying for a C+E or CAT C licence is contingent upon obtaining your CAT C licence first. You will learn useful information during GS Driver Training that will be very beneficial to you. Our C+E Fast Track training course is the quickest way to get your CAT C and C+E licence.


Upon completion of this CAT C training course, you are qualified to operate a vehicle weighing up to 3500 kg and a trailer up to 750 kg. Rigid body vehicles are primarily defined as CAT C vehicles or vehicles falling within this category. At GS Driver Training, you will receive the best instruction from highly qualified teachers.


After completing the CAT C+E training course, you are qualified to drive an LGV truck weighing more than 3500 kg and operate a trailer weighing more than 750 kg. If you want to become a professional driver, you’ve come to the correct place. The best course to boost your self-esteem and enhance your driving skills is offered by GS Driver Training.


You can drive an LGV weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg with CAT C1. A car can readily tow a caravan weighing 750 kg or more.


This CAT C1+E licence allows you to drive a vehicle weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg. You can also operate a caravan that weighs more than 750 kg at the same time.


In the UK, GS Driver Training is renowned for providing the best services. At GS Driver Training, we strive to deliver our services with efficiency. We provide HGV Driving Courses to individuals who wish to operate an LGV or HGV vehicle. You will get the opportunity to meet our knowledgeable staff here, who will assist you at every turn as you pursue the HGV Driving Training.

Driving instruction is a difficult endeavour since everyone is striving for their gain and nobody is willing to offer you their all. However, you will discover that our staff at GS Driving Training constantly strives to provide you with the finest.