How To Get a PCV Licence?

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If driving a PCV is something you’re interested in doing in London, getting the necessary training and PCV licence is imperative. You can get PCV and PSV training in London so, you can choose and use them as you see fit. Public service vehicles (PSVs) were formerly known as public carriage vehicles (PCVs). A person must obtain a valid licence and pass the exam to drive a PCV by London’s traffic laws.

You will be introduced to the best team trainers when you come to get services for becoming trained to drive PCVs. This team has been conducting training sessions for us in London for many years. All of the PSV/PCV training centres in London have a success rate since a list of students who have completed our courses and passed the PCV coach, PCV minibus, and PCV bus tests.

Being Aware of the Requirements

If you want to apply for a category D1 or PCV category D licence be seventeen years old. You must also possess a valid category B driving licence in addition to this. The additional qualifications you must meet before applying for a PCV licence are listed below.

  • Take the medical exams that determine your fitness category after receiving your PCV category B licence. The medical examination for PCV is comparable to the examination for LGV.
  • After passing the medical exams, you must apply to the DVLA to continue your education to become a PCV driver (public carriage vehicle)
  • When submitting an application to the DVLA, be sure to request a provisional entitlement under categories D and D1
  • Long Good Vehicles (LGVs) – Category C & Category C+E – Provisional Entitlement Applications are also Acceptable.

You can benefit from the provisional entitlement. You don’t have to reapply for it. Additionally, it is cost-free, and all you need to do to apply is make a mark on the form.

It is how to get a PCV licence. Read below to know more. 

The Upcoming Step

You must pass some PSV/PCV-related theory exams after passing your PSV/PCV medical exams and obtaining your temporary licence. You must pass this PCV theory test and get the PCV licence because there are some regulations in training institutions in London. Only then will you be allowed to enrol in one of our PCV training programmes, giving you the optimum preparation for passing your PCV practical test the first time.

Receiving Nags Regarding the PCV Course and Others’ Nags

The PCV training categories are divided into PCV Category D1 and PCV Category D PCV training. You can easily visit London because there the training centres are offering training in every area. Along with category D bus licence training, we also provide Cat D1 licence training, category D coach licence coaching, category D1+E minibus and trailer licence training, and category D bus licence training as part of our PSV training programmes. The PCV/ PSV training courses we offer throughout London are tailored to the needs and requirements of the participants.

Understanding The Tests

PCV Bus Instruction (Category D- Automatic Bus licence)

The driver must pass the automated bus driving test to get a PCV category D automatic bus licence. You can obtain the category D licence after passing it.

Manual Coach License, Category D PCV Coach Training

The test is conducted in a manual coach for the PCV licence. After passing the PCV coach test, you are assigned category D for manual PCV driving.

Training for minibuses, type D1

You must obtain the PCV category D1 minibus licence if you are interested in working as a minibus driver. To be able to drive a minibus for pay, you must have the D1 minibus licence and fall under category D1.

Category D1+E Minibus and Trailer Training

If you own a minibus or trailer, you must obtain PCV category D1+E and a PCV licence. You will drive a minibus with a trailer for more space and passengers once you pass the PCV D1+E and D1+E.

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