Beauty And Fashion And Impacts of Both In Today’s Life

Beauty And Fashion And Impacts of Both In Today's Life

Every girl is mad about fashion and beauty and follows various different bloggers, channels, brands and so on for having recent updates about fashion and beauty. Now, a few days before going anywhere there is the first question which strikes the mind of both men and women and that is clothes. What should I wear? Will I look good in it? Is it appropriate as per today’s fashion? I hope no one will make fun of me for what I am wearing. Everyone has these basics running behind their mind. We say fashion starts from what celebrities are wearing but what do you feel aren’t they conscious about fashion. They are even conscious about the fact that they won’t get trolled by any of the fashion police.

What is fashion?

It is the manner in which a person wears clothes, carrying himself/herself,wearing the clothes as per place and occasion. 

All these factors contribute to the term fashion.

There are basically seven types of fashion which are namely:-    

  • Street style
  • Bohemian style
  • Classic style
  • Casual style
  • Vintage style
  • Formal style
  • Ethnic style

All of them have been carried as per their name derives their meaning.

What is beauty?

A union of qualities, like shape,color,form that gives an attractiveness in terms of look is known as beauty. We all say that Aishwarya Rai is so beautiful as her face is so attractive when you look that everyone gets mesmerized by looking at her. That is what you mean by beauty.

Relationship between fashion and beauty:-

Fashion and beauty are co-related with each other. When a person wears good clothes he/she automatically looks beautiful and their beauty gets enhanced. A person’s beauty is enhanced by the way he/she carries himself/herself.  

Before moving ahead on other aspects of fashion and beauty i would like to request all my readers to please write a blog to us like we did on write for us beauty and fashion to us giving us brief about fashion and beauty in their opinion. 

Role of Fashion and beauty in today’s world:-

Fashion and beauty has a very important role in today’s world. Everyone in today’s lifestyle runs behind brands and different styles of fashion. People follow fashion exclusively for dressing up and make sure to wear what is there in the current trend. They always try to wear the most exclusive brand as per their reach and affordability. Today’s youth is spending a lot of money in buying the dress & accessories from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton,  Emporio Armani, Fendi, Dior and so on.

Due to fashion the clothing sector which is a basic necessity at some time of life has now been an emerging sector of business for earning money with great profits.

Therefore, I would like to conclude my blog by saying that fashion and beauty are emerging day to day and people have no limits in it now as they just want to be fashionable.