Technology- The New Villian to mankind

Technology- The New Villian to mankind


There are many negative implications of technology on human life. People utilise technology, but they aren’t necessarily aware of its drawbacks. what impact technology has on their lives. We must be completely knowledgeable about the electronic devices we use on a regular basis. This has an effect on our life. Without a doubt, modern technology facilitates and makes our work easier for us. Yet we also need to be aware of its negative consequences on us. 

Major disadvantages of Technology 

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Some of the major disadvantages include- 

  • Threat to Data Security 

In the modern world, some tech-savvy individuals have turned into hackers. Your data is not at all secure with you as a result. They could hack your computer, bank accounts, office data, and much more from the comfort of their home with the use of modern technology. Sharing OTPs and other information online is dangerous now that there is a significant risk of fraud. When even a single piece of information is posted online, there is a greater chance that it will fall into the hands of terrorists, hackers, criminals, and other foreign enemies. 

  • Has huge pocket pinch

When examining the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education, it is critical to talk about how cost-effective current technology is. Despite the fact that there are a lot of iPads and laptops on the market, most of them are out of the price range of normal or middle-class consumers. Pricey technology is also intangible to elementary schools, in a similar vein. Because of this, the educational system is unequal, and wealthy schools with more resources have smart classrooms loaded with cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, it is true that it has an impact on non-educational enterprises.

  • Excessive Workload 

Today’s workers often spend their days juggling the hundreds of emails they receive each week, all of which need to be read and some of which call for responses or other actions. People may never truly be able to escape work because of texts they receive from coworkers in the nights or on the weekends. It can also be quite difficult to organise the enormous amount of digital data that is acquired in various positions, such as meeting minutes, training videos, images, reports, and directions. 

  • Uncertainty about Jobs

Nowadays, a lot of work is done remotely over the internet, as opposed to the past when you had to be physically present at your place of employment to accomplish your duties. The increase in people working from home is one example of how this has led to significant changes in how people live and work. Also, it has economic repercussions because it allows companies to use low-paid workers from poor nations rather than those from affluent nations for some jobs. 

The Bottom Line

New technology promotions and advertising are done in a way that makes them seem important and required. As society develops, technology also has a negative impact on people. In addition to shortening lifespans, technology also carries risks for our general health. 

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