2 Famous Packaging Methods to Increase Sales

2 Famous Packaging Methods to Increase Sales

When someone starts a new business, they focus too much on the product and its quality. We must keep in mind that packaging is as important as the product if your product is lovely, premium, and wrapped in the wrong way. Then it might not sell well. Packaging is the first thing your buyer is going to see in his hands. Packaging consists of a wide range of raw materials. Boxes or packaging come in many forms, and every state is a specific purpose. 

In this blog, we are going to mention many types of packaging or boxing materials and techniques. We will say different types of packaging to create a summarized blog to help your product sell well. You cannot ignore the importance of packaging because you need to sell your product well. There are many packaging materials; some are eco-friendly, and some are not.

Most of the time, you will see the packaging of an end product in a kraft box. This kraft box packaging is famous because of its ease of usage and nature-friendly behavior. As a result, many design possibilities are using Kraft.

Let us see two significant types of packaging below.

Primary packaging.

Secondary packaging.

Primary Packaging:

As this word says, it is a primary type of packaging. This packaging is straight in contact with your main product. A final packaging over your main product is primary packaging. An end product may be apparel, food item, gadgets, perfume, or anything. We are going to mention some famous packaging’s used as a primary packaging technique.

Pouch Packaging with Lamination:

These pouch packaging consists of laminated polymer sheets or laminated metallic sheets. These sheets are then punched to build a pouch shape. All pouches are pretty stronger than regular plastic bags. As we see, ketchup, mayonnaise, and many other paste-type products come in pouches. Double lamination on the sheets protects the inside product from rotting and leakage. Pouches are also very customizable, and the inner layer can print in any design. Finally, outer lamination protects the internal structure from scratching and chipping off. 

Plastic Bowls or Container:

Plastic containers are most used in the kitchen and consist of dense polyethylene. We use plastic containers for food items that are reusable and disposable. However, we must keep in mind that plastics are not biodegradable. 

Therefore, we must be cautious while disposing of plastic containers. Recycling plastic bowls takes too much effort, and we need to focus on more eco-friendly options. These containers are cheap and corrosion-resistant. Medicine and food companies use plastic containers for waterproofing and air-tight solution. 

Thermoform Packaging:

It is another form of plastic packaging. Thermoforming is a process to heat a plastic sheet to a specific temperature. At that particular temperature, we can mold plastic sheets into any design and creates styling. In this mechanism, we stamp heated plastic on the die to give a shape. 

After getting the forms, we need to cut all shapes. Thermoplastic is a specific type of plastic suitable for thermoforming process. Examples of this type of molding include blister packaging, egg trays, disposable cups. Thermoform is also disposable and non-biodegradable packaging. Therefore, we need to be careful while disposing of this type of packaging. We can adopt a biodegradable solution like Kraft packaging instead of thermoforming.

Tin Cans:

Tin cans can are a little expensive and weighted packaging option we have. But it costs more shipping cost than any other solution. Tin cans are less used after the invention of BPA-free plastics. Still, there are some products that we ship overseas and need extra-long protection. Long preservation works best with tin containers. Tin cans can carry pretty diverse products in them. Tin can was a replacement for glass containers. Glass is very fragile and bulky. 

So, shipment cost increases too much with the usage of glass containers. As a result, food companies lowered down the use of tin cans. We can see drinks are still packed in tun cans. Companies wrap inside tin cans with lamination to reduce acid contact with walls. Other examples of tin use are insect killers, body sprays, and other lubricants. Companies pack many dry food items in tin cans like biscuits, tea leaves, and coffee beans. Tin is bio-degradable, recyclable, and green to nature. There are two downsides to using tin packaging.

1- Tin is an expensive packaging solution.

2- Shipment costs for tin products are also high.

Cartoon Boxes:

This packaging material consists of paperboard or cardboard. It is a simple yet elegant-looking packaging material. There are many easy and creative printing options available to design cartoon boxes. In addition, you can spot UV or varnish these packagings for added beauty. Outer cardboard packaging provides extra security to the product. Cardboard is very eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Shrink Wrapping:

This packaging technique is excellent for making a combo deal. It is a polymer packaging that can wrap around anything. Best helpful if someone wants to sell a composite of three products at a discount. Some packaging companies wrap shrink wraps to safeguard expensive designs. Wrapping is best to protect primary product packaging. Composite of bottles or DVDs come in shrink wraps. More oversized products that cannot be box-packed, like boats or cars. Companies pack products in shrink wraps to protect them from scratches while shipping. Unfortunately, these products are not biodegradable, and we must use them carefully way.

Kraft Packaging:

Kraft’s are wood extracted packaging materials. Kraft boxes are highly biodegradable and natural. We can see hundreds of packaging materials that consist of Kraft’s. Kraft papers are very resistant, and we can use them for food items, perfumes, and many more. Packaging, shipment, and manufacturing cost for Kraft box is significantly less. Other packaging materials are expensive than Kraft’s. There are hundreds of design techniques available for Kraft packaging. Due to the benefits mentioned earlier of Kraft, it is a widely used packaging solution these days.


This blog will help you a lot if you start a new business and focus on every aspect of a good company. Packaging is one of the most important aspects to focus on. If you are willing to be highly eco-friendly packaging for your newly launched product, search for custom packaging near me. This search will bring the best packaging companies around you, as mentioned in the link. Eco-friendly packaging is most important to have these days. Visit mentioned website to plan a perfect start for your product packaging.

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