Backbone of Your Recognition : Custom Lanyards

Backbone of Your Recognition Custom

Do you also leave for your work or school with your identity cards on?

Well, have you ever wondered what keeps holding your belongings close and keep it attached to you so that you do not loose it for the greater good?

Lanyards do it for you. It is different from normal straps and ropes as we can wear it around our neck or hold it firmly. It helps you in various ways as it can be used as a sling over the neck, shoulder, wrist, or linked to the belt to carry belongings such as keys or identity cards, or as a safety belt to avoid the unfortunate dropping of important portable devices such as a camera. It is also known as an attachment lanyard originated from France and earlier it was known as lanière.

But our innovative generation gave it a great makeover by introducing various themes and ways to personalize it of our own choice. It is a great choice for schools, businesses, and government agencies looking to increase brand recognition among their members, students, and consumers by manufacturing stuff with brand logo and colours imprinted on them.

Now the question arises how can we get budget friendly lanyards. Its quite simple since there are a lot of options, knowing which is suitable for you will allow you to select the best ones.

Here few options to customize your lanyard on the basis of Designs, fabrics colors fonts etc. is listed below:


  • Embroidered,
  • Screen print or silkscreen
  • Dye sublimation


  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Poly satin


  • As there are a variety of colors, make sure you select different visible colors for the message over the lanyard, for example the combination of black text over yellow base.


  • Make sure to choose a font that is absolutely visible and easy to read.


All lanyards feature a bottom attachment to which you can connect your belongings.

  • J hook
  • Bull dog clip
  • Split ring
  • Lobster claw

Lanyard helps you in intangible ways too. Your company may benefit from additional security measures by using custom lanyards. To lessen the chance that unauthorized individuals would access locations where sensitive information is kept, you might, for instance, provide each department its own lanyard.

It can also be used as a medium of advertisement and promotion of your company.

Personalized lanyards can assist establish trust with clients if your staff often interact with them by providing as identification of their affiliation with your business.

Choose your lanyards wisely if you want to stand out of the crowd.

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