How to Get Regular Periods Naturally? 8 Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

How to Get Regular Periods Naturally? 8 Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

Irregular periods are common in young women who have just achieved puberty. This irregularity soon gets corrected in most cases. However, a few women may suffer from a condition called menorrhagia that results in irregular periods. This condition may be evident through symptoms like irregular periods, longer periods with heavy bleeding, and the need for frequent changes of sanitary pads. There are some women who are more prone to the condition compared to others. Here are factors that may predict the possibility of irregular periods in women:

  • You may have irregular periods if your mother or a close female relative suffered from this condition.
  • You may suffer from irregular menstrual cycles if you are overweight or obese.
  • Studies reveal that certain medications may also affect the reproductive system causing such women’s health issues.

So, what should you do when you are suffering from irregular periods? The simple answer to this is that you should make some changes to correct it. The usual trend today is to rush to a doctor when you have any medical issues. The right way to deal with women’s health issues is surely not that. You must first understand the cause of the health issue. This will help you find some natural ways to tackle the issue. Here we have listed 8 home remedies that will work wonders to regularise your menstrual cycles. There are other benefits too associated with each of these methods. Read and find out more:

Make an Exercise Regime

Most women do not realize the significance of exercising. They do not know the multiple effects of regular exercise in improving blood circulation. Exercise can help to regularise the periods. Women who suffer from irregular periods due to polycystic ovary disorder are also recommended to exercise. Even women who have no issues related to women’s health will experience some benefits if they exercise regularly. Exercise helps to regulate body weight. It also ensures better metabolism in the body. If you do not yet have an exercise regime, set it up now. You will observe the difference in your health in a couple of months.


Stress is known to worsen any medical condition including women’s health issues. It is important to take steps to tackle stress before it worsens your health. Regular meditation may help you achieve this goal. There are several ways to meditate. You can look for guided meditation options at the start. Once you have got the hang of it, you can meditate by yourself at home. Meditation does not just help to keep the mind free from stress. It also reduces mood swings and increases focus. 

Regulate Your Diet Habits

Diet habits often contribute to your symptoms when you are suffering from women’s health issues. This is the reason why women need to consume a balanced diet. This will ensure they get the desired nutrition. It is best to avoid the consumption of processed foods like Maida. You should also avoid consuming junk foods and sweetened beverages.

Try Yoga

There are multiple benefits to doing yoga regularly. However, all the poses in yoga may not suit everyone’s body. This is why it is important to train under a Yoga guru to gain insights into the best yoga positions for your body. It is also advisable not to learn from Yoga videos but instead seek direct training. Yoga helps the energies in the body flow in the proper direction. This prevents issues like irregular periods.

Try to Maintain the Right Bodyweight

The ideal body weight is the recommended body weight for a person to stay healthy. A person may be vulnerable to a great number of diseases if she is underweight or overweight. You need to make an effort to maintain the right body weight.

You may have to regulate your diet, create an exercise regime, sleep properly and develop some discipline in life to maintain the correct body weight. While there are rough estimates of the perfect body weight for your height, these are not accurate. You will know you are perfectly in shape when your body is performing at its optimum. The chances of irregular periods or other women’s health issues vanish when you are perfectly healthy.

Spice Up Your Diet

Some spices contribute to better health. You may find it hard to believe but cinnamon has several positive effects that help regular periods. It is also found beneficial for women suffering from polycystic ovary disorder. Just crush the cinnamon and add it to your tea or add a pinch to your salads.

Ginger is commonly used in most Indian cuisines. The beneficial effects of ginger are numerous. Ginger can help to relieve inflammation and pain. This is the reason why it is ideal for menstruating women. Make sure you add these spices to your daily diet.

Add Some Fruits to Your Diet

Fruits should be a part of your daily diet. Some fruits like pineapple are known to soften the uterine lining. This is particularly beneficial for menstruating women. Fruits are also loaded with essential nutrients. You can drink fruit juices when you are dehydrated. It is a healthier way to stay hydrated compared to sweetened soft drinks.

Pursue a Hobby

Women undergo various changes in their hormone levels throughout their cycles. The mood swings and heightened anxiety levels are the side effects of such constant changes. It is observed that women who are engaged in something that they enjoy have lesser mood swings. This is why it is suggested that women pursue some hobbies. Pursuing hobbies also help to reduce stress and increase positivity in life. If you still don’t know what you enjoy as a hobby, go out and explore.

Women’s health issues should not pose a hurdle in your regular life. You must tackle irregular periods with simple measures. If they still seem to continue, the issue may be more severe. You then must consult a doctor for your women’s health issues. They will suggest a suitable treatment after conducting the necessary tests. This will help you revive your health and lead a happy life.

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