Removing Asbestos in Houses

Removing Asbestos in Houses

Since the 1930s, asbestos use in Australia has escalated. Because of its great tensile strength and resistance to heat and corrosion, asbestos was employed in practically every area of Australian construction by the middle of the 1980s, from pipes to walls.

Due to safety concerns, commercial asbestos removal started right after it was prohibited in 2003. The criminal element was still present in many residences, notably those constructed before the ban.

Procedure for residential asbestos removal

Only an authorised remediation company should be contacted when asbestos is detected. Special tools are needed for asbestos removal, including protective clothing and breathing apparatus that skilled specialists only wear. The space will be made accessible again after the asbestos has been contained and removed.

Only those helping with the asbestos removal will be allowed inside the building during this time. Asbestos will be safely removed, packaged, and stored from the material. The bags will be collected and sent to the proper disposal location. One can be sure that everyone participating will be safe because the EPA has approved it.

Adverse Effects on Health

  • Due to asbestos’s hazardous effects, those who handled the chemical then experienced lung scarring and breathing problems.
  • Lung cancer occurred in asbestos miners and labourers, and continuing exposure posed a severe risk.
  • Mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer that targets the tissue lining the internal organs of the lung, was brought on by prolonged exposure.
  • After a decade or two, relatives of asbestos workers and those close to asbestos manufacturers started developing both types of asbestos-related cancer. 
  • Most asbestos victims developed stomach cancer, while a small percentage also developed kidney and throat cancer.

Steps to take to avoid or eliminate exposure to asbestos while removing it

Short-term exposure to asbestos fibres is harmless despite the likelihood of minor adverse effects. Those who are frequently exposed need to monitor their health carefully. Asbestos-contaminated human bodies cannot be cleaned up. One should act immediately if there’s a remote chance that one might have been exposed to asbestos. If an individual experiences breathing difficulties or a persistent cough, one should not wait to seek emergency medical care in Brisbane. To keep an eye on their publicity, people might want to stay in touch with them.

It is preferable to look for new employment or move if people have been exposed to asbestos for a prolonged period at work or where they currently live. Nothing justifies endangering one’s health over the subsequent 10–20 years.

Safety Precautions:

If you want to avoid exposure, certain precautions must be taken when working with asbestos.

If the material is mishandled, asbestos fibres may become airborne. Asbestos fibres inhaled might lodge in the linings of the heart, abdomen, and lungs. Numerous diseases, including asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma, can be brought on by asbestos exposure.

Where is Asbestos Found? 

Numerous products, including home goods, vehicle parts, and building materials, may contain asbestos. Due to its resilience and fire resistance, asbestos became a necessary material for numerous sectors.

In 1984, EPA presented findings from a national inquiry on friable asbestos. (EPA). According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 20% of residential and commercial buildings contain friable asbestos.

Is it reasonable to remove asbestos without professional help?

Hiring a professional is advised when there is too much asbestos to remove using the available methods. Always check to see if it’s okay to clean up using one’s knowledge. Numerous professional and governmental organisations remove this hazardous silicate material. It is better to leave residential asbestos removal to professionals with significant expertise and access to the required tools. They are also aware of where to discard the materials.

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