Role of Tech Blogs in Education

Role of Tech Blogs in Education


While we think all of these favourites are worth bookmarking, new educational technology blogs with fresh perspectives and original ideas appear every day. At Brainscape, we enjoy reading any blogs about educational technology that we come across because there is always something new to learn. Technology in education is constantly evolving, but by paying attention to some of the thought leaders, we can stay on top of the greatest strategies for assisting our students. 

Best Tech Blogs in the sphere of Education 

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Some of the best blogs include- 

1. Innovative Educator

The Innovative Educator, Lisa Nielson, can relate if you’ve ever thought education was dull or pointless. Nielson’s focus on demonstrating to other educators how they can use publicly accessible resources and technologies that are already within students’ reach to make classes more engaging and relevant is driven by her personal disappointment with how public schools now approach teaching. Nielson not only addresses general concepts about using technology in the classroom, but also the specifics of execution, allowing instructors to adopt her suggestions without having to battle with a budget process or other limitations. 

2. Edutopia

Edutopia, a website run by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, provides a tonne of well-indexed content about using technology in the classroom. Teachers can quickly find useful suggestions that are pertinent to their existing curriculum without having to sift through several suggestions that won’t quite work for their particular circumstances because material is organised by age group and topic. Edutopia offers a tonne of videos and entertaining quizzes, making it entertaining to browse even if you aren’t seeking for anything in particular. To find out what the hottest issues in educational technology are right now, be sure to click on their “Trending Topics” area. 

3. Teacherrogers

This fantastic blog is written by Sandra Annette Rogers. She has worked as an instructor at a variety of institutions, including a laboratory school at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), a rural Honduran hut, and remote learning programmes all across the world. She is a researcher, author, content creator, trainer, and instructional designer. She holds a certificate in teaching foreign languages (TESOL). Her blog features EdTech articles on a range of subjects that might assist teachers in developing their teaching and professional networks. You can find blogs about online evaluation, social presence conversations online, and more. 

4. Emerging EdTech

Emerging EdTech is the brainchild of Kelly Walsh. On this website, the main topic is “How Educators Can Use Technology to Promote Student-Centred Learning and Help Better Learning Outcomes.” At The College of Westchester in White Plains, New York, Kelly serves as the CIO and teaches in the Faculty of Management. His site features educational posts on topics including teaching advice, 3D printing in the classroom, evaluations, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more. The website is a fantastic platform for networking, interacting with others, and creating a global community of educators and technologists interested in using technology. 

The Bottom Line 

With the rapid advancement of technology, instructors must keep up with pupils and gain proficiency with a variety of gadgets, including smartphones and tablet computers, to avoid being left behind. In order to ensure that their materials are engaging, teachers must also coordinate all of the resources on the internet.

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