Essay on Why Gambling Should Be Made Illegal

Essay on Why Gambling Should Be Made Illegal

The allure of the beautifully decorated neon lights, the excitement, and, of course, the five-star hotels where the gambling takes place kept players coming back for more. 

Although it appears to some to be recreational conditioning, for others it has been a destructive endeavour that has resulted in dependence.

Also, gambling has led to the accumulation of debts for families. This, though, has led to an increase in crime rates. Eventually, the manipulations present in these casinos are a negative factor on their own. 

Thus, this paper intends to argue that gambling shouldn’t be legalised under any circumstance.

First, gambling leads to an addiction as strong as medicine. Although numerous people tend to believe that gambling is just a pastime and that one could spend a day gambling without any harm, experience has proved otherwise. 

People have become addicted to playing, hence they spend more time in gambling casinos than doing other constructive jobs. These people become so addicted to the extent that they look for any occasion to enter a casino.

This is problematic because it leads to fewer working hours and hence less productivity. Hardly, the reduced productivity comes hand in hand with increased expenditure as further money is pumped into the casino. Thus, legalising gambling creates devastated, less productive individuals. 

Second, gambling leads to the accumulation of debts. As mentioned in the below paragraph, most gamers spend time gambling, which reduces their productivity while adding to their expenditure. Given the habit, one would rather take up the offer from a friend to go and go than stay home when he has no money.

Gambling leads to an increase in crimes. Impulsive gamers look for every reason to go, whether they’ve got money or not. A gamer may have difficulty obtaining money from familiars. Email your query at if having something interesting to share about the same then write in the category Write For Us Gambling and send it to us.

Given his inability to restrain himself from gambling, he may decide to seek alternative means of obtaining funds to spend in casinos.

It has also been demonstrated that many people can go to a casino and lose. This larger group of people who cannot afford to lose chooses to engage in criminal activity in order to earn enough money to return to the casino with the hope of winning their money back.

Gambling also strains the government’s budget. As mentioned before, gambling is as addicting as any medicine. Inversely, a person can be rescued from this destruction through recuperation. 

The government, hence, loses a lot of plutocrats trying to rehabilitate the addicted gamers. A plutocrat’s security strategies cost him money. The government is forced to spend a lot of plutocrats to alleviate the crime caused by gambling.

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