Technology & its various types

Technology & its various types

Tech or technology is never a new word and we pretty much understand its influence in today’s growing world which makes us too much into it and impacts our day to day life in a great manner.

Various types of technology available:-

Our lives are running on technology and we are addicted towards it for doing our day to day work. Few of the major types of technology are as follows:-

  • Artificial Intelligence:  With the help of this technology machines have been made intelligent so that they can work like humans. This technology has been made for providing human assistance by various softwares and machines. We are using various features of this technology such as google assistant, Siri and so on
  • Information technology: The technology which is driven by computer science and provides knowledge of computer softwares and development in that segment is all about the information technology segment.
  • Business technology: Business technology is booming in the world and there is no one doing business who is not aware of the benefits of business technology. Business technology has brought up the world of the internet in business and also provides features like digital marketing and so on.
  • Robotics technology: Robotics technology is something which has been developed keeping in mind to create something with the help of artificial intelligence which can be used to reduce the burden of manpower and work. This technology has been developed by using the scientific features of mathematics and science.
  • Educational technology: Ed tech and other technology such as various apps which are educational and give you a perfect drive of knowledge is all part of educational technology.
  • Product and food technology: These industries work towards making and manufacturing of food items and resources in accordance to them such as packaging and all. There are machinery which make the food compatible for the purpose of packaging and refrigerating. Therefore, technology plays a great role in the product and food sector.
  • Architecture technology: Architecture is not a small field with the booming of building lines and construction the field of architecture is growing as every place is been designed by the opinion of architecture and these architecture works towards proper space, green buildings and so on which is possible for them with the help of architecture technology which has made their work easy.
  • Construction technology: The field of construction is not easy it requires lot of mapping related work and 3D print of the site and so on for smooth running of work as it gives better understanding of project & this facilities is all because of the development in the field of construction technology which made these things possible with the help of computer science.

Technology is having a crucial role in each and every segment of work these days.

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