The Best Residential Areas to Live in Noida

The Best Residential Areas to Live in Noida

Are you looking for a perfect residential area to live in Noida? Here you will get a list of some residential areas where you can easily live a desirable life. If you are searching residential areas in different cities then you can go through with the write for us real estate blog posts that are present on the website of Newspiner. 

Sector 49

State highways and motorways link Sector 49 to Sector 15 and Sector 37, two distinct areas of the city. It is also close to a number of upscale neighbourhoods, including Sector 50 and Sector 76. 

Sector 49 is connected to Noida Sector 50, Noida Sector 76, and Wave City Centre Noida via the Delhi Blue Line Metro and Noida Aqua Line Metro.

Sector 50

Noida’s Sector 50 is a family-friendly neighbourhood with lots of parks and sports amenities. Because of the area’s close proximity to institutions and well-connected metro stations, students also find it to be very durable. 

Additionally, Sector 50 is the ideal residential and business area in Noida due to its excellent accessibility to the rest of the city via Vishwakarma Road.

Sector 55

Noida’s Sector 55 is a well-established and tranquil residential area. For those who love sports, the neighbourhood is ideal because it is close to the Noida Cricket Stadium. Similarly, Sector 18, a significant commercial centre, is close to the region. Business enthusiasts and corporate executives are also drawn to the area.

Sector 56

Noida’s Sector 56 is a reputable residential neighbourhood that is well-known for its green areas and close access to shopping centres. This neighbourhood is popular with families because of its safe atmosphere, excellent schools, and close proximity to hospitals. 

Its handy location and close proximity to educational institutions also help students, making it a good choice for those pursuing higher education. Additionally, The Shopprix Mall and E Block Market are both nearby.

Sector 137

Modern apartment buildings can be found in Sector 137, a region that is fast developing and runs parallel to the Noida Motorway. The property is close to residential areas, healthcare services, well-planned infrastructure, and key IT hubs. 

Because of this, it is a well-known area of Noida to live in. Professionals like to live in this neighbourhood because of how close it is to IT hubs.

Sector 62

Due to its close proximity to business hubs and the Noida Electronic City, Sector 62 is a well-established residential and commercial neighbourhood. It also provides easy access to the Blue Line Metro, which connects it to many areas of the city. 

Major IT centres such as MothersonSumi Infotech & Designs Limited, Innodata India Pvt. Ltd, and TopCubit IT Services Pvt. Ltd are also near it. Sector 62 is a well-liked neighbourhood in Noida because of all of these factors.

Sector 150

A new residential neighbourhood with thoughtfully designed green areas and infrastructure is Sector 150. The region is close to Knowledge Park, Stellar Business Park, Aqua Line Metro, Greater Noida, Noida Sector 148, and Pari Chowk. The area is also well-liked because it is close to academic institutions and a calm environment.