Trends you Should hit Upon!

Trends you Should hit Upon!

It is common for women to wear abayas over their regular clothing. Despite their dress-like appearance, they cover most parts of your body, unlike a typical dress. As it does not expose the wearer’s hands, legs, and face, the abaya is a famous Middle Eastern garment. Many women wear a niqab and burka in addition to these. Although this is an option for those that practise Islam, many non-Islam women also wear these because of their durability. 

Cotton, chiffon, georgette, and crepe are the most common materials used in these clothing. It is becoming increasingly common for designers to incorporate brightly coloured threads into their creations. 

Styles and Designs of the Most Up-to-Date Ones

Kaftan Style

Although the kaftan style is well-known for its ability to conceal a woman’s actual figure, it also gives off an air of chicness and modernity. This would be a good choice for working Muslim women because there is a lot of commotion in the mornings. 

Wedding Inspired

Instead of the traditional black, the wedding abayas use bright, eye-catching hues to make a statement. The wedding ones will sparkle and shine with many embellishments, embroidery, and crystals sewed into them. 

Party style

Party styles come in various colours and patterns, so take a chance on something different and buy abayas. A colourful and ruffled long abaya dress looks fantastic for all the young girls everywhere who love bright colours. 


Cutout head covering gown patterns with crystals sewn on the shoulder straps and scarf lines are called Khaleeji. Traditionally, Khaleejis are black, but with the current upswing in fashion, one can see more and more colourful versions. 

Hooded ones

A better-insulated piece of clothing is unquestionably sought after during the freezing winters. You wouldn’t need much more than this since it already covers most of the body. On the other hand, a hooded style is a good option if you’re sensitive to the cold in the winter and need extra coverage. This look is hot right now, even if it’s just for a night out. 

Waistcoat-styled abayas

It’s never easy to dress for the winter months. The coat’s fashionable designs have nailed this challenge. They have a classic and sophisticated look to them, which bodes well with many people. Wearing this coat to work is a no-brainer. Take your pick of the season’s most beautiful designs and wear them with pride. 

Frock-style abayas

The Muslim women of today are more confident and experimental in their fashion choices. In the past, they were reluctant to experiment with new ways to wear these. The frock sarong style is one such emerging design trend. In addition, Muslim women usually wear their modesty-obscuring abayas with headscarves, but with these dress-inspired abayas, you don’t have to. 

The net one

A lace look is an excellent option if you’re okay with wearing your abaya as a sheer garment. Designs in this style enhance your beauty and make you stand out from the crowd. You should consider adding this selection to your wardrobe. The net face veil is perfect for any occasion, formal or informal. 

Pure white one

If you’re looking for a black-coloured one, you’re not alone. However, wearing a white one, regardless of the fabric, can elevate your appearance and make you appear more refined and well-dressed. 

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