What are Showcase Pages?

What are Showcase Pages?

Showcase pages are a great way to market specific products to a buyer. Showcase Pages allow companies to sell particular products to particular buyers. LinkedIn users can follow a single Showcase Page without following their business or other Showcase Pages. This will enable businesses to target the right audience and promote the Page.

This means that if your pet boutique is open, you won’t have to tell your customers about your blog post about the new tank cleaning spray. Showcase Pages allows marketers to create easy-to-use content that is personalized for the target audience.

This allows companies to dig deeper into their buyer personas and keeps content relevant and personal. LinkedIn gives businesses useful analytics for each Page once the content has been published.

Important to know that there is no way to transfer Company Pages from Showcase Pages to Company Pages if you already have more than one Company Page. LinkedIn does state that they are exploring the possibility of making this feature available shortly. Important to remember that Showcase Pages cannot link back to a single centralized Company Page.

How to create a Linkedin showcase page that is impressive and growing?

Showcase pages are great for showcasing unique ideas. These are the top tips to create a LinkedIn showcase page. These tips will assist you in creating a professional LinkedIn page.

Showcase pages are a great way to get started

  1. You should create a LinkedIn page.
  2. Identify the business areas that require a Showcase page: To ensure that you don’t over-fragment your audience, consider the size and needs of your existing communities. Consider how you might group them into larger categories if you think creating more than ten Showcase pages. It is also a good idea not to create Showcase Pages for specific countries or regions instead, geo-target organic posts from the Main Page.
  3. To create a Showcase page, click “Admin Tools” in the dropdown menu of your Admin View.
  4. Give admin access: Only subject-matter experts can have access. This could be a social media manager or product marketer — anyone who can post quality content for your Showcase Page audience consistently.

A Showcase Page has many Benefits.

Properly managing your LinkedIn showcase page has many benefits.

* A LinkedIn showcase page can increase your chances of getting more followers and prevent them from unfollowing your company’s Page.

* It’s easier to analyze page analytics and make the necessary changes.

* Your posts can be creative and unique, which is not possible with company pages. You may find yourself more popular among LinkedIn users if you are flexible.

* LinkedIn showcase pages can be a great place to engage with your target audience in a real and productive way.

* Interacting with your followers can lead to in-depth knowledge

It takes the burden off of posting irrelevant material on your company’s Page.


With LinkedIn business pages, you can create a community of people who can help your business. LinkedIn communities can help you to promote and uplift different aspects of your business. To create a valuable and long-lasting online business space, building relationships with your followers is important.

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