Working Towards Independent Artificial Intelligence Software And Programme For Our Nation

Working Towards Independent Artificial Intelligence Software And Programme For Our Nation

There are few things which hit our mind substantially and rationally when it comes to the development of a nation and one of that thought process is the developing nature and requirement of artificial intelligence in our country at an independent level as artificial intelligence is a next generation technology on which entire world is focusing on and so is our country.

Approach taken by India for Independent Artificial intelligence software:-

There are many generative artificial intelligence programme and software available nearby us but those software are not something which we can say fulfill all our needs and desires and work in a correct manner we are looking forward for and that’s calls up for an immediate call from our country Information technology developers and software developers to develop an Independent or we can call sovereign Artificial Intelligence software for our country “India”.

Our Government has a vision to get an Artificial Intelligence program designed in a manner which can focus on various real life issues and work on those cases such as agriculture, governance, language translator, healthcare, medical services, economic development and so on.

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Idea behind sovereign India Artificial Intelligence:-

The idea behind sovereign India Artificial Intelligence has been proposed by our electronic minister “Rajeev Chandrashekhar” where he said “India has already made itself at a place where it can effectively use the technology for the purpose of governance and deliver the solutions related to it at massive scale”.

Now for enhancement of technology and development and for digital public infrastructure it is important to have its own independent artificial intelligence programme which comes up as a perfect package for our country and can work up in a proper manner in accordance to the need and requirement fulfilling every aspect of the technology and the case thereby.

Why sovereign Artificial intelligence:-

Sovereign artificial intelligence will be designed as per the needs and requirements of our country and will be capable enough to solve all the hurdles our country is facing. This type of AI can also have better privacy rights and data rights in comparison to the type of Artificial Intelligence being used at the current time.

Therefore, let’s look after India’s new Vision of Sovereign Artificial Intelligence.