Dig In For Some Benefits Of HGV Driver Training

Benefits Of HGV Driver Training

Have you thought of HGV driving as a professional job? We understand that you might be in chaos. HGV driving isn’t that easy. The process starts with HGV driver training. You need to first complete your training, pass all four tests of driver CPC and then go for 35 hours of periodic training to get a certificate of professional competence. The process is hectic, but once you start doing a job, you will see that everything is worth it.

If you are still not convinced, here are some benefits of LGV driver training, but before it, let us know a few things about HGV driver training.

HGV driver training is training to drive heavy goods vehicles professionally with an HGV licence.

You can operate a lorry weighing more than 7.5t and up to 32 tonnes with an HGV lorry licence. It is similar to a Class 2 lorry licence. To obtain your LGV lorry licence, you should apply to the DVLA for provisional authorization to operate an LGV truck and meet higher medical standards. The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence is a professional driving certification required to operate a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) (CPC).

What Distinguishes LGV Driver Training And HGV Driver Training?

There is no distinction between LGV driver training and HGV driver training; they both signify the same thing! Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) is a more recent EU term, but Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) is an older term.


1. High Paying Job

As you complete your HGV training courses, you can drive HGV professionally. Most companies have good pay for HGV drivers. Also, the amount you spend on your LGV training, and tests can be covered within a few months. Also, as there was a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK, people have increased the salaries of HGV drivers.

2. Experience And Knowledge

Once you start your LGV driver training, you will see that things are new. You will gain a lot of knowledge about LGV. Also, your experience would be entirely different. You have never done such training before. It will give you ample knowledge and memorable experience.

3. Professionalism

As you become an HGV driver, you will have to go to different places to deliver goods. When you stand in front of your customer, you represent the company. Therefore, HGV driver training will teach you professionalism, like how to talk and act in front of customers.

4. New Places And New People

If you love travelling and meeting new people you are doing the right job. As you complete your training and start driving professionally you will travel nationally and internationally. You will meet new people every day. For people who like journeys more than the destination, it is the perfect-suited job.

5. One Time Investment

If you think that HGV driver training needs a lot of investment, you dont know about skill boot camps. You can train there for free. Also, if you have funds, investing in HGV driver training is like investing in shares. You get good returns once you start your job.


We hope these benefits were enough to convince you that HGV driver training is worth giving a shot at. There are many training centres. You can choose the best-suited one for your LGV driver training.