Ways To Keep You And Your Baby Healthy During Pregnancy


A healthy pregnancy starts with good prenatal care that is very important to take care of your baby , even if they are born. 

You can do this by living a healthy lifestyle and keeping doctor’s appointments regularly while you’re pregnant. This is called prenatal care.

This is very important for you and your baby to have good healthcare , as this will make you give birth to a healthy baby . If you also have some health related topics and blog you are mostly welcome to come and write on the topic of health accepting guest posts. We will appreciate it.

Mains things that should be avoided !!

Avoid alcohol, drugs, and smoking; limit your caffeine intake , should eat good meals and snacks and take a prenatal vitamin. 

Below are some health tips to make you and your baby healthy : 

  • Get good prenatal care

Good prenatal care is essential for you and your baby. If you haven’t yet chosen a doctor or a midwife to care for you during pregnancy, start asking for recommendations from friends, family, and any of your other healthcare providers. If you don’t have health insurance

  • Focus on eating well

Keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand, and plan your meals around whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables

If you’re on a special diet (for diabetes, a food allergy, or food intolerance, for example) or are a vegetarian or vegan, you may find it helpful to consult with a dietitian for help making sure you meet all of your nutritional requirements during pregnancy.

  • Exercise regularly

A good exercise program can give you the strength and endurance you’ll need to carry the weight you gain during pregnancy, help prevent or ease aches and pains, improve sluggish circulation in your legs, and help you handle the physical stress of labour. It will also make getting back into shape after your baby’s born much easier.

  • Start with quitting smoking:

That’s the best thing you can ever do for yourself and your baby. Countless studies worldwide show that women exposed to smoke are less likely to conceive. They may not carry their pregnancy to term even if they conceive.It’s perhaps the best time to kick the butt. 

  • Stay active

Low impact exercise such as walking, swimming and pregnancy yoga is great for your body and your mind. It can enhance your sleep, your physical stamina and even help you to prepare for labour and birth. 

  • Travel smart

If you’re travelling away from home then remember to take your pregnancy notes with you. They let medical staff know your full antenatal history and help them to give you the right treatment .

Wear support stockings to help blood flow, drink plenty of liquids and if it’s a long haul flight try to keep mobile during the flight by walking up and down the aisle every hour or doing leg stretches.

  • Take a Prenatal Vitamin

It’s smart to start taking prenatal vitamins early, i.e. you should begin taking them as soon as you learn about your pregnancy and/or beforehand—when you’re trying to conceive. This is because your baby’s neural cord, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, develops within the first month of pregnancy, so it’s important you get essential nutrients—like folic acid, calcium, and iron—from the very start.

  • Decrease your caffeine intake

 Because pregnant people metabolise caffeine slower and because caffeine crosses      the placenta  it is recommended that you decrease your caffeine intake during pregnancy.

Caffeine has no nutritive value and makes it harder for your body to absorb iron, something pregnant women are already low on. It’s also a stimulant, so it can raise your heart rate and blood pressure and make it even harder for you to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Stay hydrated always 

During pregnancy, your blood is supplying oxygen and essential nutrients to your baby through the placenta and carrying waste and carbon dioxide away—which means your blood volume increases up to 50 percent to handle all this extra activity. So, you need to drink more to support that gain. Drinking water can also prevent constipation, hemorrhoid’s,

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