What are the Challenges faced by HGV Drivers?


Being an HGV driver can provide a better life and a stable profession, but it also comes with several obstacles.People also search for HGV Driver training programs because it is the first step to getting through the HGV Driving Licence. 

Many of these challenges are not hard but they do necessitate some creative thinking on the part of drivers and logistics businesses to make the job as practical and entertaining as possible while remaining healthy and safe. People also look for HGV Driver Training programs because it is the first step toward obtaining an HGV Driver’s Licence.

Long hours

HGV driver’s lives can be lonely, with long hours spent on the road. Given the distances that must be covered, drivers are frequently out for longer durations even far away from their houses for days and even months. Also, the HGV Drivers initially go for HGV Driver Training to have better and safe driving experiences on road. 

Low Wages

It is seen that the major obstacle in terms of HGV Driving is the lower wages. Although the wages have risen marginally as a result of the driver scarcity, there is still a long way to go before drivers feel completely appreciated.


Tiredness is again one of the major complaints that are common among HGV drivers who have to focus for extended periods of time. And also the stress of traffic and harsh schedules makes the person more tired and therefore results in excess fatigue. People undergo HGV Driver Training on an initial basis so that they are clear about the various aspects priorly. 


Drivers enter the HGV sector to drive, yet it appears that many of them spend more time waiting at customer facilities. This has an impact on their compensation and hours of service, as well as another issue related to this is the parking issues.People go through HGV Training to learn about the different components of this sector, resulting in improved and safer driving experiences.


Due to the size and the rigidity of various HGVs, it is difficult to manoeuvre, thus navigating toward the parked automobiles, and into difficult-to-access areas, it requires a lot of skills and can turn out to be exhausting for the driver.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Many drivers enjoy the life of driving HGVs, but it isn’t the healthiest option. Because the nature of the job makes it impossible to exercise, and because break periods and facilities are limited, people tend to eat on the move, relying on high-fat, high-sugar fast foods. People go through HGV Driver Training which helps them to know about the various aspects of this type of industry leading to better and safe driving experiences.

Retention and Recruitment

When you have a competent driver, you want to keep them, but yes driver retention can be equally difficult. When they encounter poor working conditions and low compensation, many people then tend to leave the sector. Although being into HGV Driver Training for the same but people then look for better work culture as well as the better wages. 

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