Best Apps for Finding Home

Best Apps for Finding Home

It can be very stressful to purchase or rent a home because it requires many site visits, phone calls to property owners, intermediaries payments, and other hassles. The real estate market has been busier than ever as the population of the nation increases and more and more students and working people move out of their houses. Because of the many variables at play, it is also challenging to find or rent a house. Do not forget to share your views at the Home Write For Us category. 

Top Apps

They are-

  • NoBroker 

As implied by the name, you will find homes posted directly by their owners, saving you from having to pay a hefty brokerage charge. Additionally, the organisation claims to have verified all the owners. There is a checklist that owners can use to make sure all of the listings have enough valuable information. NoBroker performs an excellent job with listings and details. But because it’s not as well known, it occasionally seems to have less listings than the others. The software itself is attractive, and in addition to rentals, it also lets you buy apartments, houses, and dorm rooms. The results are simple to explore, and you can simply set up the fundamental criteria. There is a map view as well.  

  • CommonFloor 

In our experience, CommonFloor has the most listings, at least inside Bengaluru. That’s a major benefit and the most crucial consideration while looking for a home. You must take an extra step to view listings without agents since it by default displays owner and broker listings. The different criteria are straightforward to configure, and a toggle at the top allows you choose between purchasing and renting. CommonFloor won’t be of much use if you’re looking for a PG or roommates, but it’s a good resource for families seeking for a new house. The map display scrolls smoothly and searches as you do so. Additionally, CommonFloor offers a sizable selection of 3D tours of homes, which can reduce the amount.

  •’s rentals service, which had been discontinued in 2015, was only recently reopened with 60,000 allegedly confirmed ads. There are definitely fewer listings than the competition. We really appreciated how easily the map view functioned and how many photos were included in each offering, which manages to do better than some of the other sites, at least for the listings we viewed. On the other hand, navigating the website is a little challenging. We were using the most recent Android app at the time of writing, and it only had homes to buy, therefore the app does not yet support rentals.

  • 99acres  

The oldest company on our list, 99acres, has the most listings. You may search in your general area with just one swipe, which is quite convenient if you’re already house hunting. Additionally, it offers a listing quality filter that enables you to restrict the results to only homes with images, videos, or 99acres physically confirmed properties. That is fantastic and can help you save a tonne of time. The website currently feels quite antiquated, but the app is swift, snappy, and attractive. We had a lot of options when it came to listings, however we wish 99acres had added a sort by distance option in addition to the price and date possibilities.