App And Various Platforms

App And Various Platforms

Nowadays everything is available at one click. Every business has started developing their app for the sake of selling and other issues with the growing trend of selling over the internet. Everyone is understanding that they even need a mobile friendly platform for their product or services. There are apps available in the market for everything from food ordering to getting salon services at your doorstep. The numerous big shot start ups have come up with the idea of an app and now see their market value of their brand is immense. App development and app both are emerging new business in the current time.

What is an app?

App is an application which can be downloaded in a mobile phone for the interference of the user. App is being developed according to the needs of the user as per the particular business.

We can download different apps available in the market on our phone through the simple platform called as google play store for the people who uses android phone and for the people who uses ios phone they can download the app through apple store.

Apps available on google play store and apple I store:-

There are millions of apps available on google play store and apple I store. One can find solutions to all their problems in real life in different apps available on this platform. We can find solutions for food ordering to buying expensive articles; everything is available online over these apps.

Now nobody wants to get into the problem of traveling and so on when everything is available online. Now, further in this blog I would like to discuss a few of the crazy and emerging apps in the market which are becoming quite famous in recent times. These apps are as follows:-

  • Zomato: Now,whenever you are hungry or a guest is coming to a place you are worried about how you will get food from the famous favorite restaurant and so on. Zomato came up with the idea of food delivery options with varieties of restaurants in your city. 
  • Ola: I have to go to this area, I don’t have any convenience available, I am not finding an auto or a cab over here. So, Ola is the app which finds the solution for this and makes life possible by providing cab anywhere anytime with just booking it online through an app.
  • Urbanclap: This app provides services for grooming sessions at home by booking a parlor person to your doorstep, providing services for all the essentials of life like air conditioner service, refrigerator service and so on with just one booking over the app.
  • Blinkit: Everyday in our household chores we feel this item is empty or some other.Sometime we don’t have a cell for remote or sometime we face some other issue. Blinkit app is an app which comes up as a solution for everything through this app one can order things 24*7 with one click and can receive within 1hr maxim of ordering through the app.

There are many more apps available which are endless and which are solutions for every issue. Therefore, I would conclude my article by saying the app world is the basic necessity of today’s life. Further, I want to request all my readers to please write a blog to us just like we did on the topic Write for us APP Sharing their opinion and views about APP with us.