Learn Why Canon Printer Not Printing Text?

Canon Printer Not Printing Text

Canon printers are known to be one of the best and most reliable printers in the world today. The print quality provided by the Canon printers is praiseworthy. What attracts most people to the Canon printer is its amazing features, best finishing quality, and sleek designs. However, many users often face some technical glitches when using Canon printers which include Canon Printer Not Printing Text colors correctly, canon printer not printing perfectly, canon printer not printing text, and many more.

Canon printers provide some of the best features in the printing industry. With the development of new technologies and an era of the technical world, printing machine has become an essential part of our offices and homes. There are different types of brands that are manufacturing printer devices in the world today and the Canon printer is the most popular one.

Canon printer offers a wide range of advanced features and also gives you the fastest print, copy and scan services. This does not come as a surprise because the company has been in existence for a long time and has evolved greatly.

But as we all know, it is a printing machine and therefore, its susceptible to minor technical issues.  This can often be frustrating especially when you have an urgent report to print or you want to print out your research. We’ve all been there and the experience is nothing to write home about.

When facing any problem with your canon printer, it is important to follow the directions of an expert. This will guide you and your printer will be back working perfectly. In this article, we will be discussing the different reasons your Canon printer is not printing.

We will also be explaining how you can easily solve all the problems There are different reasons for which the canon printer is not able to print colors. We have mentioned all the methods in detail. Stay tuned with the article to know why the Canon printer is not printing colors correctly.

Why is my Canon Printer Not Printing Text?

Listed below are the reasons your printer is not printing perfectly.

1. Your printer USB is disconnected

This is often the cause of many printing issues and it is possible that your USB cable is damaged or your printer is not detected by your computer. Maybe there’s something wrong with your printer driver.

Whether you’re getting the printer not connected issue suddenly or it has never worked over the network, you can try the following solutions to fix your problem first, you need to check the network password, ensure that you are typing the correct password on your printer.

You can also check the Wi-Fi signals, and reset the network signals. reset the network settings, and reconnect the printer, and update the printer.

2. Network change or router setting

When your router is not properly set or you change your network, it can make your printer go offline and not communicate with your computer. To solve this problem

  1. Go to the Start icon on the bottom left of your screen
  2. Then choose Control Panel and then Devices and Printers.
  3. Right-click the printer in question and select “See what’s printing”.
  4. From the window that opens choose “Printer” from the menu bar at the top.
  5. Select “Use Printer Online” from the drop-down menu.

3. Slow Internet

The frequent causes of slow internet are the presence of a virus and spyware. Spyware can slow your system by interfering with your browser and monopolizing your Internet connection.

Spyware monitors your Internet use and keystrokes, which adds delays. Computer viruses can also cause poor Internet performance.

Fix The Issue of – Canon Printer Not Printing Text

1. Check your Internet Speed

Your internet connection can be slow because you are paying for very cheap internet. Give your service provider a call and find out what plan you have. You can also run a speed test.

Check your internet speed
Canon Printer Not Printing Text

If what you’ve measured is close to what you’re paying for, then your network is working fine and your internet plan is just isn’t very fast. And the best way to speed up your internet speed is by upgrading.

2. Check out your Hardware

Before you start to get angry with your service provider, reset your router by turning it on and off. Give it some time and see if it works. You can also check the other computers in your house to see if their internet is slow, too. If the problem only happens on one computer then the problem is with a computer, not your router.

Check out your hardware
Canon Printer Not Printing Text

3. Know your Hardware Limitations

If you paying for a super-fast internet plan but your router is outdated, you will never see and enjoy your network speed. Similarly, you might have an awesome wireless router, but if you’re connecting it with an older or cheaper laptop your transfer speeds will be very slow.

Know your hardware limitations - Canon Printer Not Printing Text
Canon Printer Not Printing Text

4. Fix Your Wi-Fi Signal

Your router and internet might be working fine but your Wi-Fi signal can be very weak. This can slow down your browsing experience. In that case, you may need to reposition, tweak, and boost your router.

Fix your Wi-Fi signal
Canon Printer Not Printing Text

5. Change your DNS server

When you type an address into your browser, your computer uses something called DNS to look up and translate that into a computer-friendly IP address. Sometimes, the servers your computer uses to look up that information can have issues or can be permanently damaged.

Change your DNS server - Canon Printer Not Printing Text
Canon Printer Not Printing Text

Thankfully, you have plenty of faster, free options to use, like Google DNS or Cloud flare and many more. You can also make use of a utility to test what’s the speediest for your location and go with that.

6. Contact your service provider

Have you gone through all the necessary procedures and your internet is still slow? Then it is time to contact your service provider to know if the problem is on their end.

Contact your service provider - Canon Printer Not Printing Text
Canon Printer Not Printing Text

It is important never to just assume they have done something wrong, and do not forget to treat your customer service representatives with respect. And you are more likely to get good results.

Check More if Canon Printer Not Printing Color

1. Printer not set as default printer

Your printer will not print colors when it is not set as a default printer.

Here are the steps to set your printer.

  1. Click Start and select “Devices & Printers”
  2. Right-click on the name of your printer and select “see what’s printing”
  3. Then select “Set As Default Printer” on the main menu
  4. Note if it is already opened up as an administrator, then you may not see the option to open it as an administrator.

2. Your printer or route firmware is not updated

Printer firmware is the actual program that is installed in a printer when it is first manufactured. The firmware tells the printer everything it needs to know to operate correctly and to interact with a PC or Apple computer.

3. Your printer driver is incompatible

Putting your printer driver in a compatible mode will make your printer print correctly. Here are the steps:

  1. Right-click the driver you want to install and then select Properties.
  2. Select the Compatibility tab.
  3. Under Compatibility Mode, click Run this program in compatibility mode.
  4. Click the down arrow and select the Windows version of the driver.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Install the driver.

4. Paper Jam Issues

Paper jam is one of the most common causes of Canon printer not printing text black. Many things often go wrong when a paper is not properly inserted while loading the paper in the input tray or when you overfill the tray with papers.

Damaged rollers or rollers that are pulled in sheets from the input tray can also be the culprit. Low-quality paper or cartridges can also cause paper jams. Many printers have a sliding mechanism that allows different types and sizes of paper to into the printer.

If the slider is not correctly positioned, it can cause a paper jam. Therefore, it is important to always use standard office paper for your printers. To solve this problem.

  1. First, you need to turn off your printer and unplug it
  2. Then remove all printer paper from the tray and then reload it.
  3. Open the rear access door or duplexer (or any other doors that give you access to the paper’s path through the printer)
  4. Close the doors and plug in the printer.

5. Faulty or Dusty Printer Head

Many things can cause your printer to become faulty and dusty. These includes:

1. Abrasive wear

This occurs because of friction no matter the material you are using and the kind of maintenance you perform. Abrasive wear causes the printhead to fail. However, it can be avoided by adopting proper care for your printer. Below are few ways to tackle abrasive wear.

2. Cleaning dust buildup

Cleaning your paper dust build-up on the printhead and platen will help elongate abrasive wear. To achieve this, take a soft brush and wipe down the printhead. And you can also use the printer manual to be sure you are using the proper material.

3. Avoid pressure on the printhead

It is very important to adjust toggles to your printer requirements. With proper adjustments of your pressure toggles, you are allowing the pressure to focus over the narrow media more efficiently and not the other way round.

4. Contamination

This often occurs when abrasive substances are introduced to the media and they pass through the printhead. This automatically damages the protective coating of the printhead.

And once the coating is damaged, the printhead fails. There are certain controllable factors to be conscious of to avoid contamination in your printhead: they include:

5. Contaminated media

 It is recommended that you consult with your media supplier and ensure that you have knowledge of the media you are utilizing with your printer.

6. Environment

 Do your best to protect the media you are using from exposure to contaminants. Consider a protective enclosure for your printer if the location seems to be an issue.

7. Build up of residue

The coating of the media on the printhead can also interfere with the heat transfer from the printer. This makes the printhead overheat which leads to printhead failure. The following can cause the build-up of residue’

8. Poor maintenance

It is important to always pay close attention to the instructions on your user’s guide on how to clean and maintain your printer. And make sure you are using the cleaning accessories recommended by the manufacturer.

9. Excessive darkness settings

We recommend that you use a slower speed for your printer. Doing this extends the life of your printhead while providing better quality.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is my Canon printer not printing text?

If your Canon Printer is not printing then it can be due to certain reasons. Your printer will not print when the printer USB is disconnected, there is a change in network settings, slow internet connection.

2. How do I fix a Canon Printer that won’t print?

Canon printer troubleshooting can be done in various ways. Here are the steps to fix a Canon Printer that won’t print:

  • Check Internet Connection
  • Check your Hardware
  • Check your Hardware limitations
  • Fix your WiFi
  • Change your DNS settings
  • Contact a service provider

3. Why is my Canon printer not printing text when the ink is full?

When your Canon printer is not printing when the ink is full, then it may be due to an underlying hardware issue or due to hardware limitations.

4. How do I get my Canon printer to print?

In order to get your Canon printer to print, you need to find out the root cause of this issue. After fixing the issues, your Canon printer will start printing.

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