Who Has It Easier Confident Guys or Rich Guys?

Who Has It Easier Confident Guys or Rich Guys?

Now, who’s going easier, rich guys or confident guys? I want to put this to bed. I know that you guys all love and always talk about the size of your wallets because that’s all we look for but is it? I want to know who’s got it easier, rich or confident guys straight from the lovely ladies’ mouths. Let’s find out who has it easier: rich guys, confident guys, or confident guys.

They can always tell when a guy is rich, but you can tell when somebody’s confident. It attracts you to it is a good onset sure perfect for telling me why it’s not about the money. I’ve got no words. I like a little bit of cocky news about confident two guys, of course. Why do they have it easier? I guess it’s like you want someone that consonants I brought themself. 

Make you feel comfortable:

If you like money fades away if you’ve got no personality, where will you get it right? Do you think rich guys kind of throw it in girls’ faces? What is it then that confidence brings to the table more than money? What is it about the belief that we like it when the guys have substance personalities? You can communicate with them. You can have conversations. You’re not like living in your little bubble. You’re sharing, but it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got for me.

It’s about a confident guy:

How you carry yourself is the most important thing. Technically that confidence wins out over money 100%, in my opinion, just how much money you’ve got if you can laugh with someone. They’ve got the personality. That’s the most important thing. Why’d you say, confident guys? I think confidence is more important than being rich. Why is it more important? It’s your self-confidence. To know who you are and what you want and you’re good in your body, I would say, why did you say, rich guys? Because they can pay for things.

If they’re shy, they can like it:

I don’t know if it pays to compensate. Yeah, rich guys come to those guys, expecting a decision. So you say rich guys, why do you think they’ve got it easier to buy everything and Eve anything not confident. They can’t return because they have money and confidence guys. You know them, but life is much easier if you’re going through with someone satisfied. Do you think guys think it’s more important to work on their bank balance or themselves, maybe balance between both?

I think probably confident guys because he can be less what’s going on here, his confidant for himself. No, I’ve been sure, guys. Why do you think you can buy many things, but if they’re boring and no Vibe and confident, you get bored very easily? So rich guys, do you think money is good short-term or long-term? 

Can men buy women’s affections?:

If they’re really shy and rich, then maybe not, but if they’re confident and rich, then I guess they could. Do you think guys spend more time working on their bank balance than they do on their self-worth and self-confidence getting money? I think so, too. If they’re like our age, then maybe not bank balance. Most guys seem to be cocky anyways. They’re like yeah because this is their 100%, they think that’s what women want when you want someone with personality. Do you believe men attempt to buy your love?

Find that attractive no real love for me sometimes young.

It’s like a good thing, bad things you’d go for it good thing so there you have it guys the answer to today’s question which was who has it easier rich guys or confident guys. Now we do have mixed reviews, and yes, some people agree that rich guys have it easier in the world of dating, but a lot of people said about confidence.

Now it all depends on what you do as a person. If you walk into a room and own it, then nobody gives a damn about your bank balance. If you’re relying on your bank balance, the only selling point you have is yourself. Women will be attracted to you for it because it’s the only thing you’re putting out there in the world now. If you have money and you’re one lucky person to have a very big bank balance, don’t try and buy somebody’s affection.

Let it be a little bonus on the side, still, is a great all-around person with that confidence and self-worth you need to keep a girl long-term now. If you feel like yourself, you are struggling with your spirit.

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