Significance of Having HGV Driver Training in Britain

HGV Driver Training in Britain

Gaining the certification and abilities necessary to operate a heavy goods vehicle is made easier with HGV training courses. The certification process can take some time, but whatever route you choose will provide you with the abilities you need. You can easily find HGV Driving School in Britain.

Consider the Following Steps to Get an HGV Driver Training

Firstly, Apply for the Provisional Licence

A provisional licence is used for practise, just like while learning to drive a car. The kind of temporary licence you require is determined by the kind of car you intend to drive, which will match your final full licence.

For example, you can operate cars above 3,500 kg and trailers up to 750 kg with a Category C licence. Over 750 kg is the maximum weight allowed for a caravan with a Category C+E.

Pass the Tests

To obtain your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), you must complete five examinations. A CPC can also be acquired at a private HGV driver training school in Britain or as part of an apprenticeship. There are three types of tests: theoretical, hands-on driving, and a safety demonstration.

Get Driver CPC Certified

You can drive vehicles in the category for which you were trained if you pass the examinations and receive the Driver CPC. After obtaining your licence, you must complete 35 hours of training every five years to keep it current. You won’t have to pass all five tests again if you decide to retrain at a later time.

HGV Drivers: An Eligibility Criteria

There may be restrictions or limits to take into account depending on how you intend to acquire your HGV training. This might help you decide on your training plan, especially since each may have requirements that you must fulfil in order to receive training subsidies. If you choose to complete your training at the HGV Bootcamp, your options are as follows:

  • You must be a resident of the UK to be hired in the UK.
  • You have to fulfil residency criteria and be at least 19 years old or above.