The Benefits You Will Get With HGV Training at GS Driver Training

Benefits You Will Get With HGV Training

You will learn how to operate HGV vehicles on the road with the appropriate focus and concentration during the HGV Licence Training. You must first complete the HGV Licence Training in order to obtain your HGV Licence. You will need to take certain theory and practical tests in addition to several medical rounds. After completing all requirements, the government will grant you permission to operate any type of LGV or HGV vehicle as long as you follow the correct guidelines.

You must submit the necessary documentation if you would want to apply to GS Driver Training for the HGV Licence Training. For this, you need to turn in the original documents that the UK government sent you. Your medical exam can be scheduled once your documentation has been appropriately validated. If you pass your medical exam, you can move on to the HGV Licence Training programme.

The Famous Courses of HGV Driving Training

C+E Fast Track

Applying for a C+E or CAT C licence is contingent upon obtaining your CAT C licence first. GS Driver Training offers a variety of unique and helpful courses that you can take.


Upon completion of this CAT C training course, you are qualified to operate a vehicle weighing up to 3500 kg and a trailer up to 750 kg. Rigid-body vehicles are the ones that are the subject of this CAT C course.


After completing the CAT C+E training course, you are qualified to drive an LGV truck weighing more than 3500 kg and operate a trailer weighing more than 750 kg.


An LGV vehicle weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg can be driven with CAT C1. An LGV vehicle can tow a trailer, but the trailer’s weight shouldn’t be increased above 750 kg.


This CAT C1+E licence allows you to drive a vehicle weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg. Caravans are also included under this category with the weight of 750 kg.

Where we Located

Now you will find GS Driver Training near you, we are providing the training courses of HGV and CPC almost all over the U.K., you can join us at HGV training in Cornwall, HGV training in Devon, HGV training in West-Sussex, HGV training in Coventry, HGV training in Essex, HGV training in Leicester, HGV training in Suffolk, HGV training in Buckinghamshire, HGV training in Gloucestershire, HGV training in Hertfordshire, CPC training in Wiltshire, HGV training in Dorset, HGV training in East-Sussex, HGV training in Coventry, HGV training in Berkshire, HGV training in Kent, HGV training in Somerset.