The Importance of Gas Heater Servicing

The Importance of Gas Heater Servicing

Homes need heating devices to keep the place warm. Devices like electric heaters, wood stoves and gas heaters heat a home. Gas heaters are ideal for houses in colder environments. They warm the air to a higher temperature than other heating devices. Gas heaters can cause pollution because carbon monoxide is produced while burning natural gas. These heaters need regular servicing to operate smoothly and efficiently and prevent carbon monoxide leakage into the home. Carbon monoxide is odourless and poisonous. To find the nearest gas heater service centre, people search the internet by typing phrases like gas heater service near me.

What is a gas heater service?

Gas heater service includes checking and testing all parts like the thermostat, burner, fan, gas pressure, heat exchanger and flue. The most significant part of gas heater servicing is the carbon monoxide check. Gas heaters are serviced at least once a year, and the service should be done by professionals from licensed gas heater service centres. Regular servicing keeps the heater in good condition.

Reasons for servicing a gas heater

  • Soot around or on the heater
  • Brown, red or yellow sooty flame
  • Overheated system
  • Heat damage on walls and the heater
  • Pilot light extinguishing

Benefits of servicing

Reduces energy bills

Servicing makes the heater more efficient and helps to reduce the electricity bill. Regular servicing ensures that the heater is operating smoothly. Oil is applied to all the moving parts to reduce friction, and the clogged filters are replaced. A heater in good condition heats the place quickly, and the electricity bill goes down.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

A faulty gas heater can cause a carbon monoxide gas leak. The leak occurs when the heat exchanger cracks inside the heater. Carbon monoxide gas is poisonous, and the leak causes brownish-yellow stains around the appliance. Exposure to carbon monoxide gas causes migraine, nausea and dizziness. Regular servicing ensures no leakage of gas and keeps people safe.

Extends life of the heater

Regular servicing prolongs the lifespan of the gas heater. When dirt accumulates on the heater, the heat exchanger works twice as hard to warm the room. The gas heater is cleaned thoroughly during the service, and worn out parts are replaced to help the heater run smoothly and efficiently.

Decreases fire risk

Gas can cause a fire. A gas heater service helps people identify gas leaks. A small amount of leaked gas can cause a fire inside the house. Even a tiny spark from the stove or cigarette lighter can set the house on fire. Servicing the gas heater regularly decreases the risk of fire. Poorly maintained gas heaters can lead to fire accidents.

Improves air quality

Gas heaters have air filters to filter the air. The filters trap the dust, mould, pollen, mildew and pet hairs inside the house. When filters get clogged, it reduces the performance of the heater. Service professionals clean and replace the filter and ensure that clean and good quality air is circulated inside the house.

Standard procedures during gas heater servicing

  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Clean the filters
  • Check gas pressure setting
  • Inspect heat exchanger for damage and leaks
  • Inspect the fan motor
  • Clean and unclog gas heater burners.

Trained professionals must service gas heaters. The internet search results for gas heater service near me will provide a list of reliable service centres. Only authorised personnel must do repairs and services. It is best to service the gas heater at least once a year. Well maintained gas heaters warm the house quickly and keep the electricity bills low.

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