Top 5 PDF Merging Tools To Use To Manage Your Data

Top 5 PDF Merging Tools To Use To Manage Your Data

Keeping a bulk of PDF documents in a single folder can create a mess. It would be difficult for you to figure out the particular file in that folder.

To make the work simple and easy, it is quite important to keep the files in order. By doing it, you can easily find out the specific file from a folder.

The best and easiest way to manage these files is by using PDF merger. Users can quickly combine multiple documents with the help of this online tool.

There is no need to install this tool in your system. Instead, all the tasks can be completed online. That can lead to saving the time a user as well as space in the device.

So, you have to think wisely and go for smart work instead of hard work. Multiple tools can help you with this purpose, but you have to choose the top one that is secure and reliable.

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Best PDF Mergers Online

The search engine is full of online tools. On a single keyword, you can get a list of tools. For new users, it becomes a little difficult to choose the best one among these all. The reason is that each tool has a different structure and works along with features.

To make it easy for the users, here we will provide a list of the best online PDF mergers that users can go for and unify their documents in a single file.

All of these top-rated tools are preferred by the search engine because of their reliability. Users must try these online tools and combine their unorganized PDF documents.


The PDF merger by EasePDF offers a lot of features to the users and helps them make the work easy. Users can merge multiple documents with a single click with the help of this online tool.

This tool offers a lot of features to the users like security and quick results. Here we will discuss these features in detail and tell the readers how they can benefit from using this online tool.

  • Upload Files

This online tool allows users to upload files via multiple platforms. Users can select the files from their device as well as from online platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox. So, users can upload files easily from everywhere and merge them with a single click.

  • Supports URL

If the files are present on the search engine and you are willing to merge them – simply enter the URL of those documents and it will merge the files there instantly and provide you with the new merged document.

  • Flexible Editing

While uploading the files, most of us don’t look for the sequence of the pages. So, this tool offers the facility to keep the files in order by editing them.

  • Quick Results

The working of this PDF merger is very fast. One can get the results very quickly with just one click. This can lead to an increase in the workflow and avoid unnecessary hurdles.

  • Accessible On Every Device

This tool can be accessed on every platform no matter whether you are using a laptop or mobile phone. This is the biggest edge that users can get in this online PDF merger.


This is one of the best and top-rated online PDF compilers that allows the users to unify unlimited files at once and organize the folder.

There are a lot of other features that users can get in this online tool. Let’s dive deep and talk about these amazing advantages that users can get with this online tool.

  • Multiple Files At Once

Users can upload multiple files at once in this online tool. There is no restriction on uploading files here. So, one can merge a bundle of files using this PDF merger.

  • Simple Interface

The interface of this online tool is quite simple. Users can easily understand the working of all its features and unify all the scattered documents.

  • Edit Before Combining

If you have not uploaded the files in a sequence, you can simply do it by using the edit button. By using this element, users can change the order of the files and merge them in the required structure.

  • Secure To Use

The tool is very secure because of its features. This element makes it more reliable to use. It doesn’t save the data of the users and makes it trustworthy.

  • Free Of Cost

All the features that users get in this online PDF compiler are free to use. There are no charges for accessing this PDF combiner nor is any subscription required here.


In the list of top PDF mergers, this is another amazing collection that can be helpful for users in merging PDF documents.

The features that you can get in this tool are free. Therefore, users don’t have to pay a single penny for using this PDF merger. Here are some benefits that the tool offers to the users.

  • Keep The Original Format

One best thing about this merging tool is that it doesn’t change the format of the content. That means users can get a new merged file with the same alignment.

  • No Compatibility Problem

There is no issue with compatibility. Users can open this tool anywhere regardless of device or browser. This element makes the tool more worthy.

  • No Usage Limit

There is no limit to the usage of this online tool. A user can upload unlimited files in this tool without any limitations. Because of this feature, users always give priority to this online tool over others.

  • Fast Results

The working of this online tool is very fast. You just need to upload the files here and click on the merge button. It will provide you with the results in a few seconds.

  • No Charges

There is no need to pay for using this online tool. All the features of this tool are free for the users. So, you can easily merge all the documents without any charges.


This is another top PDF merging tool that can help the users in managing a bulk of PDF files and keep them in order to access them easily.

No matter whether your files are present on the device or any online platform, this tool will help you access the files and merge them quickly. Let’s have a deep discussion on the working of this online tool and its features.

  • Supports Google Drive And Dropbox

No matter if the files are present in Google Drive or Dropbox, you can upload them in this online tool. This PDF merger will get access to your files and merge them.

  • Upload URL

One more option that the tool offers to the users is that users can also upload the URL of a file if it is present on the search engine.

  • No Security Issue

There are no security issues in this online tool. It is very secure as it doesn’t keep the data of its users. This element makes the tool a reliable option for everyone. 

  • Supports Heavy Files

Users can upload heavy PDF files in this online tool and merge them in a very short time. This tool allows uploading files with sizes up to 4 GB.

  • 25 Files Per Day

One can merge 25 files in one day. To increase this limit, users can go for premium plans and upload unlimited files here to merge them.


While we talk about the best PDF mergers, this tool can never be neglected as it offers a lot of features to the users to organize the documents. 

Here we will talk about some of the best elements of this merging tool. These features will be helpful in binding a bulk of PDF documents quickly without any waste of time.

  • Easy To Use

The interface of this online tool is quite simple. This element makes the tool easy to use and understand all the features.

  • Fast Processing

Users can get results instantly here. This tool is very quick with its working and provides the merged version of the document in a few seconds.

  • Preserve The Original Format

It keeps the original format of the file. So, users can get the new combined document with the same alignment.

  • One-Click Merging

Users can unify all the files here with just one click. Just upload the documents and click on the merge button.

Bottom Lines

If you are keeping the documents unorganized and not managing them properly, soon you will make a mess in the folder. So finding files from the folder will become difficult. So, it is very important to keep the files in order.

To manage the files easily and quickly, users can get help from online PDF mergers. This tool helps in binding multiple documents at once and keeps them in a sequence.

One can get a list of online PDF combiners on the search engine but not everyone is worth it. That means you have to be wise while choosing the best one among all these tools.

In this article, we have talked about the best online PDF mergers that one can avail of to combine the bulk of documents with a single click without losing the important data. Hope these tools will be worthy and helpful for you to merge the documents.

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