You Must See Top 8 Ganesh Temples in Maharashtra

Ganesh Temples in Maharashtra-Ganesh Temples in Maharashtra-

These sacred abodes of Lord Ganesha enshrine self-manifested gods and are characterized by holiness that has existed since distant times. According to Hinduism’s holy scriptures, these temples are the only way to be free from many sins. You have convenient access to these blessed shrines. Why not seek the grace and forgiveness of Lord Ganesha, who is believed to be the remover of all obstacles? 

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List of 8 Famous Ganesh Temples in Maharashtra India 

#1 Moreshwar Temple in Morgaon

The Moreshwar Temple is the starting point for the pilgrimage to the eight Ganesha temples. It is not considered complete if a devotee does not visit it at the end. It believes that the deity is the Supreme Being. According to the scriptures, Lord Ganesha was born as the son and daughter of Mother Parvati (or Lord Shiva) and rode a peacock to defeat an invincible demon. He was then acknowledged as Mayureshwar or Moreshwar. A number of saints have revered the deity at this temple, including Morya Gosavi, a critical Ganapatya saint. The temple is fascinating from a spiritual perspective, but it’s also impressive from an architectural standpoint. It would help if you visited the Moreshwar Temple, located 80 kilometers from Pune.

#2 Ballaleshwar Temple in Pali

Pali village’s temple of Ganesha is a great example of God’s generous blessings to his faithful devotees. According to local legend, a Brahmin boy named Ballala was an enthusiast of Ganesha. He once organized special worship for his chosen deity and invited other village boys to join him.

Ballala’s father slapped his son after the parents complained. He then threw Ganesha’s statue in the forest. Ballala, despite being deprived of his strength due to the painstaking thrashings, continued to chant Ganesha’s name. God pleased the boy and gave him the boon to live in the village as Lord Ballaleshwar. This is the only Ganesha temple in which he is identified by the name of his devotee and has the appearance of a Brahmin. Ballalswar Temple can be found between Sarasgarh Fortress and Amba River at 30 km away from Karjat district.

#3 Siddhivinayak Temple in Siddhatek

There are two reasons Shri Siddhi Vinayak Temple stands out. Legend says that Lord Vishnu was defeated by Kaitabha and Madhu when he engaged in a battle against them. Lord Shiva suggested that Shri Vishnu invoke Lord Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) and ask him for his help to accomplish the divine purpose. Shiva compelled Vishnu to meditate on Ganesha and got the power to destroy the twin demons. Siddhatek is the name of the place where Lord Vishnu worshipped Ganesha. It is also the exact address of the Siddhi Vinayak Temple. The trunk of Siddhatek’s deity is right-facing, unlike idols at other Ganesha temples.

This makes Ganesha powerful and awakened. However, it isn’t easy to please. Siddhi Vinayak, or Siddhis, grants supernatural powers to those who are pleased with the deity. Although the self-manifest Idol was searched very long ago, the temple that reflects the idol today was made by Ahilyabai Holkar (Queen of Indore) in the 18th century. It is found on a hillock at Siddhatek, in the Karjat administrative section of Ahmednagar district.

#4 Chintamani Temple in Theur

People come from all walks of the globe to seek peace. They find refuge at Lord Chintamani’s feet, which is an aspect of Lord Ganesha and is based in Theur. Lord Ganesha’s self-made idol is worshiped in a famous temple near the junction of the rivers Mula-Mutha and Bhima. Ganesh statue is since then when Lord Ganesh came down to face a wicked prince called Guna from Divine Sky and retrieved the jewelry stolen from Rishi Kapila.

Lord Ganesha, at the loving request of the Sage, agreed to rest under the Kadamba tree. Theur was later renamed after the event, which became Kadambapur. To bring peace to the worried and agitated mind, devotees seek refuge in Lord Chintamani. The temple’s dome was covered in sheer gold to increase its grandeur. The temple of God Chintamani is located in Theur, just 25 kilometers from Pune. It is easily accessible by bus to Pune and Mumbai.

#5 Varada Vinayak Temple, Mahad

According to the legend, Ghritsamada was an ancient man who Ghritsamada cursed that he would become a father of a demonic son. Ghritsamada, in turn, cursed his mother and said that her daughter would become a thorny tree because she had resorted to adultery. Ghritsamada was distressed and bitter over the curse he received from his mother. He gave it back to her in return. Ganesha offered to absolve him from the condemnation and guilt and gave him an invincible progeny. He also blessed the forest with his permanent presence as a self-manipulated idol. In the nearby lake, 1690 AD, was discovered an east-facing idol that is worshipped at Varada Vinayak Temple, Mahad taluka, near Karjat. A regular oil lamp is lit in the temple to show devotion and faith. Devotees can enter the sanctum Sanctorum to pay their respects.

#6 Vighnahar Temple, Ozar

This temple is a historical landmark. Skanda Purana tells the story of Abhinandana, who once lived, performed a great sacrifice but failed to offer any sacred offerings to Lord Indra, the king among the celestials. The Lord Brahma and Shiva offered their help to the sages, who advised them to worship Ganesha. After being prayed over by the poor, Lord Ganesha was able to face the demon Vighnasura and fought tooth and nail.

The deity defeated the demon quickly, and Ganesha became known as Vighneshwara (the lord of difficulties). In a tribute to this fantastic event, men and sages consecrated an idol dedicated to Ganesha at Ozar in Maharashtra. The idol still holds the subtle divine form of the holy God. It faces east and features a large courtyard, a spacious entrance, and sculptural as well as mural work.  Ganesh Temples in Maharashtra

#7 Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadri

The Lekhan hills are located approximately 4.8km from Junnar. They face the north-weat bank of Kukadi River. This is where you will find the abandoned town of Lenyadri, which is known for its 2000+-year-old rock-cut caves. An interesting legend has given this Girijatmaj Temple its name. Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva’s consort, meditated for 12 years on Lord Ganesha, the supporter of all things, and was granted a blessing to become her son. Parvati accepted Parvati as her mother on an auspicious day when she worshipped a clay representation of Ganesha. Later, Ganesha was raised in Lenayadri. He killed demons to ensure the welfare of humanity. 

Parvati’s other name is “Girija,” and “Atmaj,” which means “son,” is “Girija.” Girijatmaj is the name of Parvati – Ganesha. Like the impressive Ellora Caves and Ajanta Caves, Girijatmaj’s cave temple at Lenyadri was carved from a hill with 307 steps. Between the 30 caves of Buddhist origin, the main shrine is located. It is not known how the cave became the holy shrine to Ganesha. The shrine was built in the 1st Century A.D. and measures 53 feet long by 51 feet wide by 7 ft tall. There are no supporting pillars.

#8 Mahaganapati Temple, Ranjangaon

The temple of Mahaganapati, Ranjangaon, is located approximately 50km from Pune and 20km from Shirur. It was constructed between the 9th-10th centuries A.D. The generous Khollam family, a group of goldsmiths from the town, donated the giant-sized Ganesha idol. It was built in the Peshwa style. It is surrounded by a large entrance gate, where Jay and Vijay, the divine doorkeepers, stand guard.  The temple’s design allows the sun to shine on the idol. Another idol of Ganesha is located in the basement of this temple. It is smaller and believed to be the original idol. It has 10 trunks and 20 fingers. Mahotkat is the Ganesha idol that is known for its ability to reincarnate and slay demons.

The Ganesha believers also revere the Moti Dongri Temple in Jaipur and the famous Ganesha temples of Maharashtra. It’s located on top of a hill in Pink City and attracts many people every day. It was constructed in 1761 and is well-known for its Ganesha Chaturthi festivals.

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