Travelling to Devon

Travelling to Devon

Situated at the coast of Tor Bay, Paignton is a town in Devon. This town is known for its sandy beaches, beautiful churches and hige theatres. This town has the fourth largest population in the whole of Devon. It was initially a small fishing village, later it was changed into a full- fledged town. The beauty of this town attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are many places to visit and things to do in Paignton. This town is also known because of its historical relevance. It has links with the Celtic Settlement. The beautiful town of Paignton is home to numerous famous personalities, one among them is the famous tennis player, Sue Barker. Share your thoughts at the Write For Us Travel Guest Post category. 

Places to Visit

They are- 

  • Paignton Zoo Environmental Park

The Paignton Zoo Environmental Park was opened in 1923. This park is owned by the Wild Planet Trust. It is home to more than 2000 animals and different species. There are different varieties of tropical reptiles, crocodile swamps, ape centres, Lemur woods and much more. The Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is a registered educational and science charity and is known to be the third best zoo in the United Kingdom and ninth best in Europe. Therefore visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Paignton. The best thing to see at the Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is the Botanical Gardens. It has the endangered cactus, herbaceous plants and much more. The Paignton Zoo Environmental Park has taken up many projects of conservation. It is  involved in conservation projects with counties such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Madagascar.

  • Splashdown Quaywest

The Splashdown Quaywest is the largest outdoor waterpark in the entire United Kingdom. It is located near the Goodrington sands and is owned by Alan Richmond. This water park has amazing water slides which are loved by people of all age groups. It also has numerous cafes and restaurants around. The most famous one is ‘ The view at Goodrington’. The shops here sell local handicraft along with clothes and showpieces. Therefore visiting the Splashdown Quaywest is one of the most exciting things to do in Paignton. The Splashdown Quaywest was first opened as Quaywest. It was shut down due to financial losses. It was later opened as a water park called Splashdown Quaywest.

  • Broadsands Beach

Broadsands Beach was initially called the Watermouth stony beach. It is basically a marketing name given to a small cove in Watermouth. This stony beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations and thus visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Paignton. The best time to visit this place is during sunset and sunrise. The rays of the sun makes this place even more beautiful. Broadsands Beach is among the very few beaches which has options for other activities as well. The best thing to try here is climbing the steep cliffs. Visitors can enjoy the adventurous water of this sea. There is provision of hiring kayaks in Broadsands Beach.  

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