What is AI and Its Benefits?

What is AI and Its Benefits?


Rising technology has been introducing us to many new learnings. Yet there are only a few who really try to understand these. Thanks to the movies that involved artificial intelligence that pushed the growth of artificial intelligence. AI has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Machine learning is one of the most interesting areas of AI. This makes the machine decide something by feeding them with data.

What is AI(Artificial Intelligence)?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. This term has two different definitions but they mean the same. The first meaning refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines. In simpler words, machines are programmed to act and think like humans.

The second meaning refers to a machine that displays traits related to a human mind, like problem-solving and learning. In simpler words, AI makes machines mimic human behaviour. AI has been used to create machines and robots that are applied in various fields. A few examples of AI are manufacturing robots, Self-driving cars, Smart Assistants, and several more. Great Learning’s Artificial Intelligence Courses can help you learn more about the concepts involved and how these are built

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Automation

    It leads to an up growth in production rate, and it also increases productivity. This also leads to efficient use of raw materials, reduces lead time, has superior safety, and improves product quality.
  • Smart decision making

    Most of the time, Artificial Intelligence is programmed to not understand or imitate human emotions. This makes it unbiased. This will help the user to make the right decisions that will support the business or company efficiently.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    Artificial Intelligence is programmed to help companies to respond to customer queries and understand the damage done quickly and it produces the solution after analyzing the situation efficiently. Artificial Intelligence also reduces the pressure and work of customer service agents, leading to an up growth in productivity.
  • Medical Advance

    Artificial Intelligence has Remote patient monitoring technology. This allows the healthcare providers to make clinical diagnoses and prescribes treatment instantly. This all happens without the patient visiting the hospital in person. Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial when it comes to monitoring the progress of a contagious disease. Check out these Great Learning free courses with which you can kickstart you learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence and can learn various applications such as – Using AI to predict future effects of the disease and suggest ways to prevent its effects and treatment from preventing its spread.

Research and Data Analysis

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence technology can be used to analyze the data properly. In fact, some companies do use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze data. Artificial intelligence can also create algorithms that possess the data and create predictive models. Artificial intelligence can also understand or calculate the probable and potential outcomes of different trends and scenarios.

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