WordPress And Its Facilities

Wordpress And Its Facilities

Whenever we are reading any job description, or we are planning to hire someone, or we are being a freelancer. We all deal with only a few question marks in our mind: How technology friendly are we? Especially when we hire for blog writing, content writing or anything related to writing skills we all make sure that the person we are hiring is WordPress friendly and he/she must be knowing how to use the same.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is basically used for managing the content and it is also known as a content management system that is a CMS. It is a system that allows you to build and host websites.

It is a system that contains a plugin architecture and template system with the help of which one can make customization in any website, blog, online store or portfolio content.

It is available for free and It’s a open source content management system which is written in a hypertext preprocessor language and combined with MariaDB and MySQL database support.

It provides various facilities such as:-

  • Creation of a blog.
  • Creation of a free website.
  • Sell your blogs, articles or other content.
  • It provides various social media tools.
  • It provides facilities for email marketing.
  • It helps in creating custom Domain name for the website.
  • It provides us facilities with respect to reading different blogs, articles and so on.
  • It provides various different beautiful themes for the website design and for blogs.
  • It provides facilities for block editing.
  • It provides facilities for pre-built block patterns.
  • It has different advanced design tools available with it.
  • We can upload any media from our existing phone memory gallery or computer gallery in it.
  • It provides facilities like payment for selling the blog and for other features or for buying anything through WordPress.
  • It provides facilities for word ad through which one can earn more ad revenue by connecting through one site with publishers, google ad sense and more.
  • It provides email facilities of the premium content to paid subscribers.
  • It provides 24*7 support system in case of any hurdles.
  • It has a feature of un-metered bandwidth traffic which means there is no limit on the amount of visitors using the site.
  • It provides facilities for restoration and backup which further facilities in restoring or downloading the backup of your data in time.
  • It provides features of google analytics for sights and insights of your post.
  • It provides features of security such as malware scanning and its removal.
  • It provides features of high frequency cpu speed.
  • It provides various performance features such as automated burst selling, superior image management, global cdn and so on. 

There are a lot more facilities and features correlated with WordPress but Now I want my readers to share their experience and views about WordPress with us by sharing a blog post with us just like the way we did on the topic write for us wordpress highlighting your opinion about WordPress with us.