6 Reasons Businesses Should Use Social Media

6 Reasons Businesses Should Use Social Media

According to Business 2 Community, 70% of Americans have at least one social media account. So, businesses that have not been capitalizing on social media are missing out on a large consumer base. 

Contrary to people’s initial view about social media being a fad that was not here to stay, it has grown out of its initial image to be the most powerful platform to reach potential audiences. 

For businesses, social media offers a way to communicate to a large audience without even physically setting up their outlets in the market. 

A company’s social media expert might be sitting in their cozy office but reaching millions around the globe. The benefits of social media are endless; some of them are listed below.

1. Social media give a jump start to your sales 

The biggest benefit of social media lies in its power to reach a large audience within no time and in the most humanized way. 

Social media experts can develop a living and breathing image of your company. They can soften it so that people can relate to your products and see them as the potential solution to their problems. 

The likeability and unique vibe bestowed to your company through social media increase conversions resulting in more sales and profits. 

Similarly, companies like Socialsales.io offers social marketing tools to equip sales consultants to work seamlessly and efficiently and ensure companies get a boost in their business and sales. 

2. Social media makes it much faster to reach your customers

People using multiple social media platforms has positive implications for businesses. With time, using social media to communicate with people is becoming much easier and faster. More people join these platforms not just to interact but know about the new arrivals of their famous brands. 

This is another much faster way for companies to communicate with their customers. They can get prompt responses about various products and ask for customer feedback and use their response as social proof. 

On the part of customers, they don’t have to indulge in writing time-consuming and boring emails. They can reach customer service representatives of companies through their social media accounts. 

On average, people can get a reply to their queries within one hour. This response time is much speedier for customers who expect to get a reply within 24 hours of placing a query.

3. Increase the brand awareness

Social media is an excellent platform to remind your customers about your products. Once a customer visits your business page and likes it, they will constantly get notifications about the new things you add to your collections. This way, you will continuously remind them of your offerings. 

Generally, you need to be consistent in your marketing efforts to make someone buy your product. The more you increase your presence on social media and post relevant and relatable content about your products, the more people will recall your brand when buying a similar product. 

Your social media followers or audiences like your services and content so much that they engage in unsolicited marketing. And they share your content on their timeline or send pictures to their friends and family. This way, your reach increases exponentially, and there is a chance their friends and family become your customers too. 

Research has already documented the influence of friends and family recommendations on people’s buying behavior. Customers are, on average, five times more inclined to buy a product due to their friends and family recommendations. 

4. Target a specific audience 

Connecting with your specific audience by other means of advertisement is not as targeted as it is through social media. 

For instance, if your audience characterizes people above 50, working, living in a particular area, and speaking a specific language, social media allows you to connect with only the part of the population that matches your criteria. This way, your advertisement becomes more targeted, and you generate ample revenue.

In addition, reaching your potential customers repeatedly only increases your chances of making them your customers.

5. Provide social proof to your potential customer

Having a social media presence, selling your services online, and getting customer reviews about your products tells your potential audience that your company is not a scam; on the contrary, it is a solution provider. 

You can post customer reviews on your pages to show how your products have helped others solve their problems. 

Word of mouth and peer recommendation are still potent marketing tools for selling products. 

According to an online publication, CMO, customers trust other customers more than the brand. So, the more your potential customers see others buying your products, the more they will be inclined to purchase them. 

Social media experts also suggest companies find customers with a good purchase experience and use their reviews as social proof. 

6. Social media is great for encourage your content

Brands who share valuable content about their products or services will always outclass, outwit and outstrip those with a passive online presence. 

It is essential to constantly show what your brand is and what makes it unique from other brands in the market. To do that, there is no better way than social media.

Today, having a smooth and eye-catching e-commerce website is not enough. You need to draw your customers to the website while recognizing that they are constantly bombarded with information from all sides and competitors.

Showing your presence is not limited to sharing pictures only. You have to be creative and should think out of the box.

  • How about memes? 
  • A custom playlist? 
  • Books suggestions? 

Or a video of “behind the scenes” of how your team works to deliver customer orders?

The list of ideas never ends; your brand should use social media to disseminate quality content for your consumers and potential clients.


Social media provides endless opportunities to promote your business offerings. You can reach more customers, connect with a targeted audience, eliminate distractions for your customers and remind them of your products. Just be innovative with your social media strategies, and you will capture the market you are eyeing to increase your overall profits, sales, and revenue.

Hope this blog is of help to you, and you got encouraged to use social media platforms and tools to increase your revenues and consumer base.

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